Food review: vegan chocolate truffles

By Diabeeton | Food reviews | 14 Sep 2020

Hi all hope you are having a nice day.

Today I will be reviewing some vegan chocolate truffles from the company bean kind. Here are my thoughts:

So I am not vegan so this is a non vegans opinion on a vegan product. So these chocolates had a dark chocolate outer shell with cocoa powder and a creamy chocolate filling inside. 

I initially didn't enjoy these chocolates as the first thing I tasted was the outer shell which was a very dark chocolate that didn't really melt to well in the mouth I'm guessing this was due to it being vegan I'm not sure. But the outer shell wasn't very nice but wasn't awful. Just kinda meh. But when I tasted the inner core it changed my mind it was a very nice chocolate that melted in the mouth and really improved the product.

So I rate this chocolate 6 out of 10 it was okay and I respect the environmental morality of the product. So I recommend this to vegans but honestly non vegans don't bother have a lindor or something.


This is just my opinion don't get mad at me if u disagree I respect your opinion.

Thanks for reading my review please like and tip accordingly:)

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