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What's going on last week with my trade ? #2

Hello guys !
this week I have few new interesting things that I want to tell you. As you know I've been testing USwap for a week now and Im very happy to share with you my first result.

So I start on Monday 23th converting $1214 USD into TRX / USDT from my Binance account and sending it to my Tronlink account. Then I enter the TRX / USDT pool that end on Tuesday. From this I was earning my first UME !

On Tuesday 24th when the pool ended I was happy of my first UME earning and I was seeking for better rate. I found the TRX / UME pool that give me 285 UME / 24h instead of the TRX / USD pool that give me only 142 UME / 24h. 

On Wednesday 25th a new UME pool as enter the game, so every UME I claim that morning I put them into this new awesome pool. The UME rate is not that bad 214 UME / 24h, still a bit less then the TRX / UME pool but you don't have to put more liquidity in so I think it's a good way to earn more UME with those you previously claim.

The rest of the week was almost the same thing I claim the UME in the morning when I woke up and once at night time around 9-10 PM.

I finish my week on Monday 30th morning at 1524.04$ for a total of 310.04$ USD profit !! Pretty nice !

I got a bunch of XLM and also EOS in staking at increase of 524.30$ USD profit. I start the week with 1300$ USD and I finish with 1833$ USD.

For my Coinbase account at the beginning of the week I had 120$ USD and I finish at 128$ USD so another 8,00$ USD of profit here, not so bad for the earning I made from Quiz =)

Finally I finish the week with 851.04$ USD profit, I was really enjoying this last week, hope this new one will be as grateful then the previous one. Keep holding my friend for greater profit :)




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