How to import Trust wallet / bitpay seedwords into metamask

By yihzymoney | | 20 Apr 2021

this guide teaches you how to convert the seed words from popular wallet like trust wallet, bitpay or etc into private key to be imported into metamask for ethereum (or evm based)

Having the account on metamask will allow you to perform transaction easier on a PC

1. first go to the webpage below. You can use webpage directly, or to be safe, download the html file and run it on your own PC offline -can choose to download from here

2. enter your seed word . At the coin dropdown, select "ETH"

step 1


3. scroll down, look for the ethereum address and copy the private key4c13c7dfebf2a48b3464fcb131e9d3ec4a78e049a4ac284be10ea066fd108d63.jpg

4.import private key into metamask


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