Binance Smart Chain (BSC) ID minting and Voting

By yihzymoney | | 6 Apr 2021 has recently launched their token on the BSC chain. Voting on BSC is much cheaper and faster. The list of coins available for voting is different from that on the Ethereum chain. To access to voting, minting and claiming use the following new address

To Mint an identity token

1. make sure you have at FVT tokens in your metamask. The minimum FVT requirement for minting the identity token is 1000 FVT. Switch to Binance smart chain in your metamask and in the website (top right corner).

Link to buy FVT on pancakeswap is

2. Click on "mint identity" and approve the transaction.

The FVT requirement will double every time an identity is minted. The FVT required will drop back to 1000 FVT if there's no minting activity.

bsc id minting

3. when you do your first FVT miniting, the dApp will ask you for first approval and permission. You can change the amount of FVT the contract is allowed to use. Just click on edit permission and change it. This is to set the maximum amount of FVT that allowed the smart contract to spend.

set permission     set the amount of fvt permitted

4. When the ID is minted, the following screen will be shown


To Vote

1. Switch your metamask to the correct chain, and select Binance Smart Chain in the dropdown list.

2. click on "start voting" 071d2f8a0998558a3ca16823c5aafbe6ccfc40a0cab76f423fa5a7e112ccbc07.jpg

3. Click on the drop down list to choose the Voting ID you want to use. Vote on the list of coin as follow :bsc vote list


list of token

If the above doesn't works , please try to vote via the smart contract directly .

4. press "submit vote" . the excel file for the above list is available here

5. Check on the estimate gas limit in the metamask txn against the one calculated above. Do try to set a higher limit. 

If the gas limit is set too low, the txn will fail. The base gas is 45944 with addition of 33,584 for each coin voted.

eg. voting 10 coins will use about 381,784 gas. There will be increase if there's also a claim call for previous $V won.

Check back on the following Sunday for the result.


Guide for voting and minting on Ethereum chain

Guide for claiming reward on Ethereum chain (BSC chain follow similar steps)

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