How to claim your voting rewards for and checking for more info via etherscan

By yihzymoney | | 11 Dec 2020

Pre-requisites:  need to have desktop browser with metamask account that has the identity token

1. go to . Click on the "Account" button.

account button

2. This is the account page. It will show you the account info for the identity token in the metamask account.

account page

3. If you have voted and won at least once, it'll show you the $FVT reward balance and $V (voting power) that you can claim.

4. Click claim and you can adjust the gas fee in metamask before approving the transaction. Claiming my reward previously cost me about 190,000 gas per identity . This is roughly about $2.71 @ 20 gwei

5. You can also check out the info of the the etherscan page using your transaction hash for claiming the reward. Press on the "click to see more"


6. click "decode input data"


7.It will then show you the info regarding which round you claim, your identity token no# and etc. For this example below, it is use to claim for 2 identity tokens, that won round 2,3 &4  and the other token won round 2,3 round


The contract for claiming FVT is 0xF9D234773ae2cE14277A9026fF6DA340669FdE4e

You can also look at the etherscan page for the voting transaction using the transaction hash. Same method as above, pressing the "decode input data" will shows the following. In example below, the identity token is use to vote coins #4, #8 ,#9, #10 with $V voting power of 5 each. The coin# is as per list below.


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