My thoughts on the DLIVE and Tron announcement
My thoughts on the DLIVE and Tron announcement

By favicon | fav | 21 Jan 2020

Justin Sun held an "interesting" live-stream about the acquisition of DLIVE, and I commented actually more than I thought on twitter.

My Thoughts

We (dlive) currently have a few million active users

rofl, listening to @justinsuntron talking about @OfficialDLive "we currently have a few million active users" dude, did you check the site? there are not even 1000 in all channels combined. if you need someone to do some proper DD (=less lying), hire me

in global internet engagement

doesn't even have a million clicks (not visitors), but yeah. millions of active users on dlive :)

biggest decentralized live streaming platform

my man, that shit is not even decentralized yet.

(he wanted to give away crypto...)

not knowing how dlive and treasure chests work doesn't look too promising either :D

DLIVE is so decentralized, they even ask for your government ID



Final Thoughts

Live-streaming won't work decentralized for a long, but recordings of it can certainly work now. However, if there is no way to subscribe/donate via DAI and cutting the shitcoin, I can not imagine any wide adoption. It's simply too complex for the target audience.

Do you follow DLIVE or Tron? What are your thoughts?


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