Top losers last 7 days list

Top losers last 7 days list

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 19 Feb 2021

Most of you are focused on the winners of the week, e.g. BNB. However, it might be worthwhile looking at the top losers in order to buy the dip.

So the question is: while Bitcoin and most of the altcoins were increasing, which coins underperformed? Let's look at the top losers last 7 days list:

  • CurveDAO, Aave, SNX, Sushi, 0x, UMA, Compound i.e. Ethereum DeFi tokens: quite logical, since Binance Smart Chain DeFi tokens are surging due to their heigh APYs and low BSC gas fees. Some of them will rebound, e.g. Compound which has already increased by 3% in the last 24 hours...
  • Dogecoin and Avalanche, which are quite different from each other. Doge is a joke, whereas Avalanche might have some potential to be confirmed
  • Elrond EGLD (eGold): this token had surged from $8 to $160 in 90 days. This correction was expected. A new bull run may happen in a few weeks

COMP and EGLD could be good bets. COMP has already started to rebound, EGLD is more uncertain but will likely react. It is not a financial advice.

Please do your own research and keep safe.




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