Can Elrond EGLD hit again $200?

Can Elrond EGLD hit again $200?

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 18 Feb 2021

Elrond EGLD (eGold) has surged from $8 to $158 in a 90 days...

How far can it go?

The recent launch of Maiar is pumping the price higher, which is also due to their referral program. Please use my referall link below to earn $10: 

Once you have downloaded the app and bought eGold, you will enjoy staking... and discover the ambitious targets of Elrond:

  • Current: 341k users at $158
  • Next step: 3M users... at a higher price

How realistic is this user number forecast?

Let's compare it with the number of owners for other coins:

  • Bitcoin: >100M (this number varies according to the sources)
  • LINK: 424k (can be precisely checked on
  • XTZ: 95k (
  • SNX: 69k (

It is interesting to see that eGold is not far away from LINK in number of users, 4 times higher than XTZ... and 5 times higher than SNX.

Therefore, the staking rewards have to be compared to evaluate the potential of this token.

How much can you earn with eGold staking?

The staking rewards are as follows:

  • Bitcoin: 4.74% on Celsius
  • LINK: 4.51% on Celsius
  • XTZ: up to 6%
  • SNX: up to 42%
  • EGLD: 29%

As EGLD offers higher staking rewards than LINK or XTZ and can be handled with lower gas fees than SNX, it has the potential to get more users. The 3M users target looks too high for now. If the user number doubles in the next few weeks, which is already a good target, it will pump the price above $200.

Therefore, an increase of the token value by more than 30% up to $200+ looks realistic and could be reached within the next few weeks.

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