Earn money from your sofa - ALGO & Co.

Earn money from your sofa - ALGO & Co.

By Cryptofab | Cointune | 3 Jan 2021

As I do not like so much all the theory on coins and blockchains, I tested myself a few ones:

1) Tezos XTZ: easy to use, give you a good 6%, needs to be delegated, no claiming needed. A bit late on DeFi projects, if they progress on that it will pump the price higher. I keep it.

2) Cosmos ATOM: good stuff, 10% rewards, but claiming needed. Will not keep it too long.

3) Polkadot DOT: seems promising, however staking seems complicated, except on Kraken but that's an exchange... Acala to be watched

4) Ethereum ETH: staking complicated since ETH2.0 cannot be used yet, but huge potential

5) Cardano ADA: I love it but staking is really too complicated, only for tech savvy people?

6) Zilliqa ZIL: mixed feelings... Good rewards but so much inflationary... Only for trading

7) Algorand ALGO: my favorite currently, the only pure-proof-of-stake of this list, 7% without doing anything, no delegation, no claiming, the inflation is well mastered, the transactions are really quick, fees are low, I think I will keep it for a while, great potential 

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