Splinterlands Fun #1 - Awesome luck on chests this week!

I've been playing Splinterlands for a few seasons now, and I have to say it is a great game and overall good fun. I enjoy the variety of play styles and daily challenges keep me coming back every day. Before any judgement comes my way for my excitement in this post, please remember I am very much a noob. One of my goals for the month is to get better at this game. Figuring out how to use and counter different cards and improving my deck are part of this goal.

I feel like I got incredibly lucky two days in a row with the chests from my daily quests. For each of these two days I received this beauty:


An Untamed Booster Pack!!! Normally you'd have to spend 2,000 DEC on one of these, but somehow I got one two days in a row from my daily quests. I am especially pleased by this because of my rank as Gold II means I only get a handful of chests a day.

With the Untamed Booster Pack, you can open it up to receive 5 cards. With opening one of them, I feel like my luck went from double luck to triple luck! Within one of the packs I received the following five cards:

Splinterlands Untamed Booster Pack


The one I am proudest of is the Gloridax Guardian there in the bottom left. It can hold its own in battle and is really rare - my first legendary card! According to the site, there are only 1,190 currently in circulation and it has a value of approximately $0.77. Awesome!

But I have no plans of selling it. I am still building my deck and how could I get rid of such a great card?

Anyway thanks for reading my random musings on Splinterlands. I have decide to organize these disorganized thoughts under the title "Splinterlands Fun". I really do enjoy this game and feel like I'll be finding more things to write about soon.

How is the game going for you?

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