August 2020 Crypto Goals - Cardano, Staking, Splinterlands, and More

August 2020 Crypto Goals - Cardano, Staking, Splinterlands, and More

By ExponentialOne | Exponential Explore | 30 Jul 2020

Having goals for yourself and writing them down helps you stay focused on what you want to achieve and holds you accountable. It helps drive you forward and reminds yourself to keep working and moving. I like to think about the future (as I'm sure many cryptocurrency enthusiasts do), and because of this I tried to develop some crypto goals for myself for the month of August 2020. 


1. Staking - depth and breadth

I'm sure I'm not alone in saying I like the idea of passive income. With that being said I am looking for depth and breadth in my staking coins and tokens. Depth meaning I want to add more to the coins and tokens that I already have and breadth meaning I want to add additional coins and tokens that will help give new sources of passive income.

The main coins and tokens I'm looking at are Cardano, Tron, and Tezos (for depth).

Specifically with Cardano, with the recent Shelley hard fork will come staking rewards and possibly increased use. My goal is to be ready to go when the upgrade is fully in place and to have a number of options for staking (where and to whom). I know that Atomic Wallet has it listed as "Coming Soon", but I am not fully confident about when that will be.

In terms of breadth, I need to do more research on other coins (BAND, VET, etc.) and possible defi passive income.


2. Asset allocation

What coins am I trying to own? How much of each is my goal? I don't know the answer to these questions, so my plan is to come up with a plan! I need to get a better idea of what my overall crypto portfolio is going to contain and the percentage for each.


3. Publish0x

I also have a few goals specific to Publish0x.

a. Keep writing articles! I am hoping to write 1 to 3 articles and updates per week. Some may be short and sweet and some may be in depth (like my Tron series).

b. Increase followers! If I write valuable articles, I am hopeful more readers will subscribe. More subscribers and more readers will motivate me even more to keep writing.

c. Bring in more readers! I really like Publish0x and I believe there are many authors and readers with great amounts of valuable and diverse experience. I plan to recommend checking out this site to anyone who is interested.

d. Get in on another contest! The contests here are great motivators and I want to participate in another (and win!!!).


4. Coding

I want a deeper understanding of the code and workings of the crypto projects I am researching. With that, I need a refresher on some programming languages. I am looking at relearning/reviewing a number of languages such as Java, Solidity, and Python, which will hopefully improve my research. The world is increasingly revolving around the characters on our screens and the codes running in the background, and I feel the need to keep up. I used to work on some games in my free time, so I may even look at developing a dapp. Now I just have to find a place to do this!


5. Website and More Blogging!

I am finding out how much I enjoy blogging, so my final goal for August is to pick a path forward on my writing. I am considering supplementing my writing with additional blogging elsewhere, but I need to research the options, decide on a budget, or just keep concentrating my work here on Publish0x until I get more established (but does this community really want to read about my gardening?). My goal is to research options to build my own website (or not!).


6. Splinterlands

I've been playing Splinterlands for a while now and I'm really enjoying the game. My goal is simply to be less terrible :)

It's not that I'm not winning at this blockchain game, but I feel like I have hot streaks and cold streaks. I win a few in a row and I see my rank and possibility for more rewards go up and then it all comes crashing down. So to expand on my goal, I need to unlock some better cards or develop a better strategy to deal with a variety of game styles and opposing players.


Thank you for reading! Please comment, like, and follow! What goals do you have for August?

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