Does theCryptoFaucet actually pay? Users beware!

By ExponentialOne | Exponential Explore | 23 Aug 2020

When I first moved into my home, the place was in major disrepair. We had an old bathroom that seemed to work fine, but there were pipes hidden in the walls that had problems. When water drained, let's just say it didn't go where it was supposed to! The water would drain into the wall, into the ceiling, everywhere it wasn't supposed to, but not down the pipe. My experience with theCryptoFaucet is similar to my experience with that old sink - it didn't work like it was supposed to.

I often find myself searching for a reliable, legit crypto faucet, and I thought I found it with theCryptoFaucet, but there are problems starting to emerge that I want to warn you about.


My Experience

This search all started when I was looking for a Tron faucet. I found and, but before I recommend a faucet I want to give it a shot to make sure it actually works and pays out. With this faucet I tried it for both Tron and Doge. I completed the usual activities for both – click through an ad for Brave, open 1 more ad, and then “roll the dice”. At this step I noticed that the faucet paid out a bit higher than most (usually it seems faucets pay out 0.00000000001 coins or something ridiculous). theCryptoFaucet would usually pay 1-3 Doge per day, so I thought I struck crypto gold!

After a few days of collecting both coins, I decided to test out withdrawing Tron despite not meeting the minimum to avoid the fee (not important to me because I want to test out the feature as early as possible).

To withdraw you receive a confirmation email and that is all it seems to need. The Tron then changed to “Sending Soon”. Later that night I logged in again to see if it sent – nothing. The next day – nothing. A few days later – nothing. What is going on?

Next I checked out their Discord server where there were tons of people complaining about the same thing (someone has been waiting for their Litecoin for MONTHS!!!) and there was no sign of support. Checking their Twitter, it seems they haven’t posted since November of 2019. Not a good sign…

Going back to the site I noticed they were sending out a few coins throughout the day each day that I have been waiting – Verge, Doge, Sia, and Digibyte. This time I tested out withdrawal with my small amount of Doge – and it worked! It almost seems that some of the coins are empty – Tron and LTC – but unfortunately there seems to be no way to reach support to fix this issue.



Now if you want to try it out for yourself, go right ahead, but there is no guarantee that the other coins will pay out forever (or long at all). I'm still using it for Doge, but we should all be careful! I don't want you to waste your time if they are not going to pay! Because of my experience it feels irresponsible to recommend this faucet.

Maybe the owner of the site will fix the issue today or next week or never, but I will try to update you if they do. I am hoping it will someday be fixed and join the ranks of Global Hive (instant payout of ZCash), but I’m afraid I’ll be waiting a while.

My search for the best crypto faucet has found a few that actually pay, a few that might work out in the end, and a bunch that are not worth the trouble! Beware!


Summary in 1 sentence: theCryptoFaucet might not actually pay you!

I believe we have to watch out for each other in the crypto community, so please share any experiences you've had. Thanks for reading!

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