Are Brave ads changing?

Are Brave ads changing?

By ExponentialOne | Exponential Explore | 18 Jun 2020

I am already a huge fan of Brave, a privacy-focused ad-blocking browser, but I have some anecdotal evidence that may hint at some interesting changes.

For some context and background, with Brave you can choose whether or not you see ads and how many ads you see per hour. I currently have it set at 5 ads per hour, because I do not find them to be too invasive and I am looking to support sites I visit. When I am busy during work I can alter this, but for now it is working just fine.

Something very interesting I have noticed the last week or so is about the types of ads I am seeing pop up for the desktop browser. You can look back at your 7 day history and looking at a snap shot of the most recent 25 ads, I noticed that the types of ads has been changing. From those 25 ads, 5 have been for Casper (mail delivery mattress), 2 have been for Home Depot (massive home improvement retailer), 2 have been for Amazon Prime, 2 for masks, and 3 for gaming, and the remainder being for tech, finance, and crypto.

Again, this is just anecdotal. It is not a big data set, and it may change day by day. But I believe that as Brave has become more popular (more than 15 million active users as of last month), more and more advertisers and companies are taking notice. When I started using Brave a number of months ago, I saw mostly crypto and finance ads (nothing wrong with that), but that seems to be changing. The exciting thing about this is that Brave and crypto as a whole may be getting more attention. Hopefully we will have more innovation and growth to come.

Thanks for reading and please comment with thoughts and feedback.


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