12 Reasons I Use Brave Browser

12 Reasons I Use Brave Browser

By ExponentialOne | Exponential Explore | 11 Jun 2020

Brave is a great alternative to other browsers. Here are 12 reasons I prefer to use the Brave browser and the BAT tokens (the crypto token you earn from viewing ads) that can accompany it:

1. It is privacy focused. The browser’s default is to block third party and tracking ads that sites use left and right. The home page for the browser gives you details on just how many ads and trackers it has blocked.

2. Fewer ads saves you time. You can spend more time watching and reading what you intended to watch and read, not annoying ads.

3. You can still support the sites and creators that provide important services. I respect that creators have to make money, and tipping with your BAT allows you to support content creators and the work they do.

4. You can even use your BAT to support organizations like Wikipedia, public radio, and others.

5. If you’d like to support yourself with the BAT generated, you can withdraw to an Uphold wallet. I appreciate that how they reward you for your time and you get to choose where that money goes.

6. You have the flexibility to turn off ads completely or change how many Brave ads pop up per hour.

7. So far the ads have been relevant. Maybe it is my own biased interest in the crypto space, but some of the ads lead to interesting new services in crypto.

8. It is super easy and user friendly. Switching from Chrome, the browser feels just as easy to navigate.

9. It works well on both mobile and desktop.

10. The variety of browser options – standard, private, private with Tor, etc. - give you a number of options and even greater control.

11. The Brave team continues to develop, improve, and roll out new features.

12. And finally, the BAT token can help drive increased interest in crypto and a decentralized landscape. The more people that are interested in the space, the more the industry will continue to innovate.

I am sure there are 13 – 200 more reasons to like and use Brave. Thank you for reading and please share your reasons for using Brave browser in the comments below.

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