A New Use for CoinGecko's Candy

A New Use for CoinGecko's Candy

Here is just a glimpse of my daily routine:

1. Drink coffee

2. Check staking dividends (those WIN dividends seem to be rocking!)

3. Go to CoinGecko to check on the market action and collect those candies!

4. Check a few crypto faucets

5. Realize I'm running late and scramble to get ready for the day


But let's go back to step 3 for a second. CoinGecko is a great site to check on the price of any of your favorite coins and tokens. As part of the process you can check in daily and receive some "Candy", the site's reward program.

The candies can be used for a number of prizes and discounts on things like podcast subscriptions, hardware wallets, and t-shirts. Recently though there was an announcement on Twitter about a new addition:

For 500 candies you can now redeem and support a number of charities with a $5 donation. Pretty awesome!

I'm not sure how long this reward will last, but I like to remember that it is not just about staking and the market, but also taking care of your neighbors and planet.


Have a great day everyone!

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