Steemit: The Bull and the Basics

By DogGodFrogLog | Enjin | 14 Jul 2019

It was a very exciting December when I first made my Steemit account. Prices were at all-time high, people were in profit, and it felt like heaven was rolling down a red carpet for the world. Writing and blogging evergreen articles has always been a hobby of mine, starting with Hubpages, so when I heard about Steemit I had to take a gander. Could this be the answer to earning crypto?


It wasn't what I expected unfortunately. While you were definitely able to earn that "Bitcoin" and I saw several people with 300$+ articles what stood out to me was the rampant bot abuse and vote manipulation. It wasn't somewhere you could post your musings as a small author or blogger. Especially with a 7 day limit on your earnings. Posts would need to be found and upvoted in a sea of spam posts and bot votes.

Sad to say, I walked away at the time. I didn't see it getting any better at the time, but now I'm happy to be wrong.

Steemit: The Basics


It's been two weeks since I've started blogging on steemit again and the changes are large and noticeable. I've been posting content and getting much better feedback and interaction from real people. Community curation is going through the roof and they've added in a lot of new systems to encourage that and make sure that bots aren't dominating feeds.

To begin with there is SteemPeak, which acts as a better front-end for reading and managing content. SteemPeak also adds in a lot of tools and functionality for the basic user as well. The original editor on Steemit always drove me crazy, so this is a huge improvement that makes writing any article a lot easier and saves me a ton of headache. 


Next is Steem Engine. This acts as a central hub for all the tokens on Steemit. This is where a lot of new things come into play and the community growth really shows. SteemMonsters, the Steemit TCG, has it's own currency shown called Dark Energy Crystals. DEC are earned every match and can be sold on the exchange. Pretty standard for a crypto game but nice to see a decently active playerbase and market.


Then there are tokens like Intrepeneur (INT) or Palnet (PAL) which are community curated. This means that the community makes sure that the best posts are selected and have incentives and mechanisms to downvote abuse better than the steemit platform itself.

These communities are great for building extra value on your posts and networking with authors or bloggers who share similar stories. They can also offer additional rewards such as extra coins on your curation rewards (Upvoting/Downvoting) for staked INT or PAL, monthly giveaways, or you can just sell them for a little bonus profit on each post. 


I'm just getting started on Steemit, but even kicking the door in as a plankton has started to earn me some sweet coinage. These are all the tokens that I've received just for blogging 2 weeks within these communities. Each and every one has just been a little bonus for doing my part, delivering some OC, and sharing the love with those who do the same. 


It's definitely a good time to get involved if you're an author. Several communities are popping up, and the rewards are there. If you run a blog, at least make some posts and take advantage of some of the free contests and incentives on the platform.

My focus for the next month will be on the Intrepeneur coin and quests.
This community events just started last week and the growth is going to be incredible. 


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