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Steemit: The Bull and the Basics

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It was a very exciting December when I first made my Steemit account. Prices were at all-time high, people were in profit, and it felt like heaven was rolling down a red carpet for the world. Writing and blogging evergreen articles has always been a...

Dark Town - Beginner's Guide

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The first steps you take into Dark Town can be overwhelming. A deceitfully simple and cute dungeon crawler packed with several different mechanics, abilities, skill trees, and more. I think of it as Darkest Dungeon Lite. It also has a easy to use par...

Captain Bitcoin Launch: $15,000 Bitcoin Giveaway & Airdrop!

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Captain Bitcoin believes the world needs more adoption. It's a platform "built out of frustration with the current blockchain and cryptocurrency landscape." The founders and members of the core team believe that there aren't any products purely for...

MovieBloc Quiz Event! $600 in Prizes!

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MovieBloc (website) is using blockchain technlogy to create the biggest and most participant-centric film ecosystem yet. Based on Kmplayer, which boasts over 800 million downloads on pc alone, they are aiming to take the asian markets wholeheartedly....

Cygnus Launch! 10,000 DAI Giveaway, Games, & Airdrops!

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Celer Network has launched Cygnus and to celebrate they are having a Carnival! Using the "world's first" Generalized State Channel Network starting from Ethereum they hope to open up an entirely new dimension of blockchain layer-2 scalability with re...

Beyond Horizon: 1000 Founder's Token Giveaway!

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There's a new newcomer on the block and they're looking for blood. Beyond Horizon is an app development studio entirely powered by Enjin and they believe Blockchain can change the world forever. Spearheaded by Srdjan Mahmutovich, the same CEO behind...

CryptoThrone: Free Airdrop, Lottery, and Ontology Release!

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CryptoThrone is a real-time strategy game releasing on the Ontology network from MixMarvel and TonArts. Following up on the success of their EOS release, they're back with a updated version using ONG. They are having several events to celebrate the...

ITAM Games (ICO Date, Game IPs, and Mainnet Info)

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We had the year of the ICO and this year is about the GAMES. Left, right, up, down, everywhere you spin around someone is releasing another crypto game. We've had some TCGs, some RPGs, they've even dropped a couple neat NFTs but the theme now is Plat...

What's in my Saddlebags? A Horsish Market Outlook. #ShowYourPortfolio

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So I'm a big fan of community participation and I'm happy to be splitting the Dai with you guys ever since I rode in here to Publish0x. I've been grazing in every pasture I could find ever since I heard of crypto a few years ago. My entire life ha...

CryptoSpells Launch and Pre-Sale Guide! 20 Free Packs!

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Every month is bringing something new! Cryptospells is a Trading Card game fresh out of the oven from Crypto Games Inc. You'll notice something quick, just like MyCryptoHeroes, Cryptospells is primarily a Japanese game. This is MCH's goal with the...