What will happen to Alien Worlds when Thunderdome get released?

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 28 Apr 2021

I have been thinking a lot about that this past week. And mostly in regards to Trilium (TLM). Back in the hay day of Alien Worlds it was like the Wild West.


You could mind with crappy abundant tools and get 10+ TLM per mine. You could easily make 100+ TLM in a day no problem if you put in a little effort. But then it was announced that TLM was going to be listed on Binance and the Shit hit the fan.


What was once a fun little game to play and mine TLM and collect NFT's turned into a fuster-cluck real quick. It seemed like everyone and their mother wanted to play and the amount of players on Alien Worlds quickly turned it into the #1 dApp Game in what seemed like overnight. That was all fine and dandy to me. More people playing means more people who needed NFT's and I collected a nice little stockpile over almost 200 NFT's by that time. 

And I know I am not alone when I say that I took advantage of the TLM boom and sold my TLM for about $0.50 a pop. TLM right now is listed at $0.37 and is the #148 asset listed on CoinGecko. That is insane to me.

With all that surge in pricing and all out war to get your hands on good tools it left me wondering one very important question.

Did the Alien Worlds team plan for this?

You may think it doesn't matter what the price of TLM is or the availability to mine TLM is. However it will play a incredible role once the Thunderdome is released.

If you are unfamiliar with the Thunderdome it is the PvP element to Alien Worlds. It is what all the mining for TLM and NFT's is leading to. It will be an arena where you send in a minion with a weapon and fight to the death all the other minions. The last one standing will win.

The problem with that formula is the the "gas token" of Alien Worlds... Trilium. You will need to pay some amount of Trilium to send your minion into the Thunderdome. You will need to pay some amount of Trilium to heal your minion after it is done fighting. What those 2 actions costs will in my opinion dictate if Alien Worlds stay relevant or falls by the wayside. 

Just imagine if it costs 10 TLM  to send a minion into the Thunderdome. You may have that from mining the day before if you are actively mining. But if you don't win any TLM from battling and you need to heal your minion for 5 TLM then what? You will only be able to fight once every other day. And also to add to that if fighting costs 10 TLM that means it would cost $3.78 to send a minion to fight and roll the dice. I would risk it. I would rather sell my TLM for WAX then WAX to ETH and have money in the bank so to speak.

I am very nervous for how the Thunderdome is going to be implemented. If the cost to send a minion to battle is 1 TLM for example ($0.37) that still seems high to me in a USD value. Then we have to take into account the fluctuating value of cryptos. My personal opinion is that 1 TLM is worth somewhere between $0.05 and $0.10 right now. For pete sake WAX is worth $0.23 right now. TLM is not worth more than WAX lol


There is nothing I can do but sit and wait to see how it plays out. But I would be lying if I said I wasn't nervous. I would think that they should set the battling cost to be a fix USD value like $0.20 to fight and $0.10 to heal. Or something similar because that will take out of the mix the price changes of TLM.


What are your thoughts on the Thunderdome and the price of TLM?



I wrote an article on how to effectively mine TLM as well to prepare for Thunderdome by actually having TLM :)







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