Brave partners with the TAP Network! Spend your BAT on real world items

Brave partners with the TAP Network! Spend your BAT on real world items

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 11 Mar 2020

Brave Software announced today that they have 'partnered' with the TAP network. You can now spend your hard earned BAT in the TAP Network.

For those of you who don't know what the TAP Network is let me explain it for you. TAP Network is a rewards platform network where users earn rewards with their verified purchases from certain brands. So companies can create campaigns to engage their customers directly by giving their users TAP for doing specific actions like normal purchases or promotional purchases. Brands get a portion that they spent on the campaign when a user follows through on the actions. Each transaction is recorded on their blockchain and Brands get real data on user engagement and how well their campaigns are doing.

So onto the partnership between Brave and TAP. Brave users in the United States are able to redeem their BAT for gift cards from hundreds of top brands, entertainment partners and retail brands. Users can also contribute to over a thousand charitable causes.


Brenden Eich (CEO of Brave) had the following to say:

This partnership with TAP Network supports our mission of connecting consumers and brands in a respectful, mutually beneficial way, and contributes to the growth of our overall ecosystem by expanding the utility of BAT.

Lin Dai (CEO of TAP Network) had the following to say:

Consumers today are stuck with very limited and often undesirable redemption choices in most rewards programs; this is especially true for the holders of most blockchain utility tokens...BAT represents a fundamental shift where consumers are rewarded for their attention, and TAP is excited to connect our network of trusted brands to the Brave ecosystem, and provide real world redemption utility to BAT users beyond those offered by any other digital tokens.


This functionality is only available to the Desktop Brave Nightly builds at the moment and will be released to stable release Brave browser in 6-8 weeks. So keep an eye out for this bad boy and save up your BAT! I know you all want that $100 Starbucks giftcard or a BestBuy giftcard :)


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Earning that Crypto
Earning that Crypto

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