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By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 9 Sep 2020

Yesterday Brave announced something and after a quick search I am highly surprised there isn't a single article on Publish0x about it.

Brave announced that they are now using PhishFort to further protect it's browser users. "But TrocProcLock what is PhishFort?" I hear you saying while you read this article. Well boys and girls, it is a anti-phishing company that specializes in the crypto space. 


What is Phishing? Well for starters it has nothing to do with fish. It is when someone tries to disguise themselves as a trustworthy entity/company to get your username or password or the like.

For example; you receive a e-mail that looks like it is from Apple and they send you a link to log into your iCloud account to backup/security reasons but they just steal your credentials so that they can have access to all your dirty pictures on your iCloud.


What PhishFort does is keep a huge repository of data of all known phishers, and since it is integrated with the Brave Browser now when you are surfing the web it can tell you very clearly that you are on an unsafe website or sketchy place that is trying to get your sensitive info. 


Now we all can breath a little easier while using the Brave Browser that our info is safer than it was yesterday. 

Since you are reading this article you either love everything that I write (doubtful) or you like Brave Browser. If it is the latter then you need to bookmark a website. Brave has been open and transparent about BAT and the ecosystem so they created Here you can see Growth numbers in users and content creators as well as active campaigns in your country.





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