2023 is about slimming down my Crypto journey - what did I stop playing?

By TrocProcLock | Earning that Crypto | 11 Jan 2023

To preface this article: This article is not to bash on any project or game but to just be honest with what projects I either am just bad at and are not worth my time or just don't give me the returns that others do. Or honestly it could be that I just do not find them 'fun' anymore.

I wrote a post a few weeks ago about where should new people to blockchain gaming start here. And back on August 20th, 2022 I even wrote a more detailed guide as to everything I do daily that is crypto related to earn crypto here. This article will sort of be a follow-up of the latter article.

There are 3.5 games that I have given up on in 2023. I am going to list them all and the reasons why I choose to leave them. They are in no particular order.

1) NFT Panda


Now this game was sort of fun for a while. I had 2 pandas both equipped with jewelry and weapons and I would run 4 hour missions each to earn BAM and ingredient NFT's. I amassed about 50 BAM (the ingame token). I decided to stop giving it any time because well I wasn't fully invested into the game. There was so much more to the game that I wasn't taking advantage of which in all honesty probably would have made it more fun to play.

Again in 2023 I wanted to scale back my games and projects significantly. And unfortunately this was one on the chopping block. That being said I think this game will be around for a while but it's just not for me is all. 


2) Green Rabbit Gaming


I got into this one oh I don't know maybe a year ago and had 3 flash drives filled up and earning some SHELL passively from it. I never got into anything more then that because well if you read my last article about my biggest pet peeve this is a casualty of that. I never knew where to find more information about the other aspects of the game. I didn't have time to hunt down more information to learn more about the game aspect. 

So I unstaked all my NFT's and put them up for sale. A guy pinged me on Discord and wanted to buy my whole collection outright from me because he was very bullish on Green Rabbit and SHELL. And so I sold all of my Rabbit NFT's to him. Sure I lost a decent amount of WAX in the process but it was nice for me to just wipe my slate clean. 

I still have a bunch of SHELL that I am staking on Taco Swap to earn more passively but that will be the extent of my SHELL adventures going forward.


3) Castles NFT


I previously has a LAND NFT that was earning passively for me but I sold it a few months ago. That left me with just the Free to Play game and honestly it's not cost effective for how much I 'played' it. There wasn't much left to sell so I just unpinned the tab from Brave Browser and have forgotten about it. I'm sure this is a great game for others who are really invested into it but it's just not for me.



4) (the 0.5 game) Splinterlands


I marked this as 0.5 of a game because I am not selling off my NFT's here. I did have a LAND NFT that I purchased way back when and recently sold it and earn a crap ton of WAX. I realized that I truly just suck at Splinterlands and it is not worth it for me to play even 1 game here. However that being said I have amassed quite a bit of NFT's and SPS. I was introduced to a system that let's me rent out my cards automatically and that is what I setup.

So now I am just purely renting out my cards for DEC each day and collecting from my staked SPS every so often. This is the extent that I will play Splinterlands for the foreseeable future. I will come back once the Tower Defense game get released but that's it.

As of mid January 2023 those are the games that I no longer play that I used to.

Now I also need to mention a few games that I am all in on.

1) Rollercoin

I love Rollercoin and I love how how much time you put in is what you get in return. I play mini games everyday to earn more. 

Referral Link: https://rollercoin.com/?r=khm90umg

Normal Link: https://rollercoin.com

2) Taco / Brigade / Acryptia

I find myself keep buying Extractors, or gear packs or honestly whatever they release I scoop up. I think this entire ecosystem is only going up from here and I am ready to ride this wave!




3) Dungeon Master

While I do think that Dungeon Master has maybe mishandled a few things and wished they changed a few things I still like the game and earn a decent amount from it. I am excited for the next season when custom dungeons will be setup and can't wait to run in the CryptoMonkey Dungeon.


4) Alien Worlds

This should go without saying but I also think the Alien Worlds teams of fumbled a few things but regardless I got in early and still can make a decent amount from selling TLM. Once that I can't make a decent amount I will stop playing this as well though. 


Honorable Mention: Theta/TFUEL

I would be remise if I didn't mention the Theta blockchain. This one I got in early on and am just HODLing until it moons because I truly believe it will one day! I highly suggest anyone who can runs a Theta Edge Node to earn passively.

All of this being said... I have invested zero fiat into my crypto journey so if I am wrong about what will moon and what will bust I am okay with it. So take what I say with a grain of salt here because the amount of skin I have in the game is probably less then you. Do your own research and do what works for you. I am the farthest thing from a financial expert and honestly I am winging my crypto journey but none the less I know what works for me and what doesn't work for ME.




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I am a crypto enthusiast and also a crypto noob :) Just trying to learn more each day.

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Earning that Crypto

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