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By Appollo | Earning Online | 15 Feb 2023

Hi to anyone interested in a good financial advice, i want to lighten up an idea in here where we group as 20 or 50 or 1000 person to accumulate a certain number for benefits that goes from everyone to one and the same deal for the opposite direction.

Lets say we are 50 trusted people 

Who trust each other its very important unless we want to get scammed.

So all we do is put a dollar everyday to the community so the admin of this community will accumulate those 1$ from all of the 50 members

And give it to one of the group members.

Now he got paid what to do next is thr next day we re do the same proccess and give the accumulates to the next member until after 50 days every one has spent and recieved the 50 oughtedly.

I hope this works in the crypto network we need to do thia kind of communities to prevent our trusted people from getting scammed or any worse.

Keep safe and dont forget to tip what goes around comes around.


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