Regulators begin to focus on Tokens, NFTs and Stablecoins - Syscoin is Ready!

By drlove | Sysnetsite | 13 Jun 2021

Recently, an announcement by the SEC of Thailand made headlines. Speculation in assets with 'no clear objectives or substance' are banned from authorized exchanges in Thailand. This is just another step in the direction of regulation. We will see more if it, of different kinds and depending on jurisdiction, but love it or hate - regulation it is here to stay, and set to expand.

On the same topic, just a few days ago, BlockchainFoundry a public corporation listed on the Canadian stock exchange which also comprises the primary developer team of the Syscoin Platform announces entering into a contract with Bigg Digital Inc. to develop compliance solutions for the adoption of stablecoins! 

Until now regulation takes place by KYC or an exchange level. But that is old-fashioned and quite limited in scope. With Syscoin Lux 4.2.,that that was released just a few weeks ago, on-chain compliance tools allow token issuers to set rules themselves, allowing them to enforce rules relevant to their industry! Follow this LINK for more detailed explanation of these features that are unique to Syscoin! The Syscoin Platform is future-proof! the prime website that monitors progress and commits on Github ranks projects by development activity. You guessed it: The nimble Syscoin Platform is rated # 1 for the last 12 months!

For those interested in real progress in blockchain development - rather than hype or meme coins, consider the Syscoin Platform as a long-term investment and join an established and supportive community.

Syscoin Platform is the real thing - and highly undervalued at the same time, as few funds go into marketing. Real adoption will drive the price of Syscoin, not speculative hype. Syscoin Plaform has been around for 7 years and is continuously innovating - and it won't fade or disappear overnight!

Syscoin Platform - Again a Step Ahead of the Crowd!

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