Nimble Syscoin beats BTC to Taproot Upgrade!

By drlove | Sysnetsite | 4 May 2021

Syscoin is merged-mined BTC and developers are meticulously upgrading to the latest BTC core. Taproot has been named the most significant upgrade to the BTC core and miners are voting to have it implemented. As is, around 25% of the network’s SHA256 hashrate has already approved of the Taproot activation which will go in effect in a few months from now.

In essence, Taproot improves efficiency and the flexibility of Bitcoin’s scripting capabilities, enabling developers to write complex scripts while minimzing the on-chain impact and can be used to privacy of transactions.

Well, Syscoin 4.2. released just a few days ago switched to UXTO based accounting which obviously facilitates BTC code integration. And guess what:

Nimble Syscoin has been the first project to integrate Taproot and it is live now for developers to make use of it!

There is a reason why Syscoin has been getting a lot of attention lately! Just follow the news and the charts! In fact, a major announcement is due on  May 6, 2021, just days from now which has been labeled the most significant announcement within a year. Don't miss it: Follow Syscoin on Twitter!

Never heard of Syscoin? Mainnet since 2014 - a marriage of BTC & Ethereum with amazing stuff in the pipeline! 

A recent post from a few days ago will bring you up to speed!

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