Masternode Surge: Suddenly 40% of Syscoins are Locked in Masternodes!

Masternode Surge: Suddenly 40% of Syscoins are Locked in Masternodes!

By drlove | Sysnetsite | 17 Feb 2021

Overnight and seemingly out of nowhere the number of Syscoin masternodes increased by 240 to an ATH, more than 10% of the previous number. It obviously means that a party that had accumulated Syscoin for some time decided it was time to get some rewards and to commit themselves long-term.

The community speculated who that party could be: miners, exchanges? In any case, this unexpected rise in masternodes is without a doubt a sign of confidence. While this is ONLY the equivalent of about 3.6m USD, the fact of the matter is that having 24 million coins invested in SYSCOIN long-term (current supply is 606 mio), instead of simply being sold as the market responds to developments, is a boost.

This all comes as Syscoin 4.2. is in testnet and will feature support for NFTs, on-chain compliance tools, move to UXTO, and other advancements, as this described in this post which is anticipated to go mainnet within Q1 2021, but as always is subject to change.

To look at the reward structure of Syscoin masternodes (100K required) and other related data (ROI, seniority, etc.), it is best to visit

Obviously, the community was busy discussing the issue in the official Syscoin Discord:

Here a few selected comments;

...230+ nodes in the last 18 hours? That seems coordinated. hmm

...Wow, that's awesome. Almost 40% of sys locked up as well.
23m assumingly taken off the market...

...240 MNS is only 3.6m USD. chump change to some :p
but, thats crazy, hard to see it being anyone but an exchange with that amount of investment especially without crazy spikes in prices

...Tells you enough about the trust people have in the project

..I am not trying to discuss price but I am sure if this project takes center stage in the crypto community. Having 40% of supply collateralized is significant. I have been a holding before jag joined and I am overjoyed at the progress and positivity, thank you again!

...It looks like the coins that came from that recent MN spike were updating from Syscoin 3

....Could be a cold exchange wallet
Have to assume, that many masternodes isn't the average Joe or retail investor. Could have been sold/move and setup off the books.

...yeah, defainately not easy to accumulate 24,000,000 lol

This all adds to the anticipation and excitement that is currently quite tangible in the community and is expressed in social media activity where Syscoin moved up to rank #4 by Rise.Global !

Finally, if you are looking for a comprehensive and up-to-date list of links to exchanges, masternode hosting providers, wallets, downloads, latest news, videos, news releases, social media accounts and more, don't forget to visit and bookmark !


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