Sketch of Captain Kirk with torn shirt - pencil

Revisiting James T Kirk, almost two years later

By DoctorPlatypus | Doctor Platypus | 28 Jul 2022

During October 2020, as part of Inktober, one of the prompt words was "rip" and I chose to draw a picture of the iconic Captain Kirk with his goldenrod shirt torn and hanging down across his chest. I had a lot of trouble with his hand, and overall he was looking pretty cartoony. He looked maybe a bit more like Chris Pine than like William Shatner, but overall I remember being pretty happy with it. In any case, this evening I decided to try drawing him again, so I could compare the drawings from before and after an almost two year period. Here is this evening's drawing:

Sketch of Captain Kirk with torn shirt - Pencil

I started drawing, and I was already seeing improvement in the overall shapes of his body, and the details in his torn shirt, but when I got to his left hand (on our right) I remembered how much trouble I had had in 2020. Well, I was still having trouble. No matter what I did it looked crazy. It's a very difficult hand position, and hands are hard to start with, but I knew I could do better. I decided to do a larger study of just the hand, which you can see here also.

Now it looks like this Great Sky Hand has reached down from heaven and torn his shirt and scratched his face haha.

For comparison, since that was most of the point of this exercise, here is the drawing from 2020:

Sketch of Captain Kirk in torn shirt from 2020 - colored pencil

So, the hand in the new drawing is far from perfect, but it's a HUGE improvement over the earlier hand, which I am super happy about. I decided not to color in the new one, and I was mostly interested in the trouble hand and the face, so in the new one I didn't worry too much when his other hand was off the side of the page, and I didn't fart around drawing his pants at all.

All that said, I think it does look a bunch more like Shatner this time, and less like Pine, so all told I am very happy with my progress.

Thanks for looking at my pictures :D


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