Owning Every Crypto: Another Step

By Codeinmy | Digital Mind Fortress | 7 Jul 2021

For those who have read my previous posts I continue in my journey to collect every cryptocurrency coin and token on the planet. There are literally thousands, with new ones being created every day — some legitimate and others less so. This continues to be a daunting dream. I persevere.

My latest step in adding new crypto to my reserve is a very low cost and purely academic manoeuvre. I have mentioned before that one of the largest hurdles in growing my collection is the minimum purchase size for many tokens. If I plan to own 5000 tokens and each one requires a minimum purchase of around $20 USDT equivalent then we are talking $100 000 American Pesos, which I frankly will never muster to invest. So what does one of meager means do? 

The answer lies in the Binance Launchpool. I'm certain this is not the only tool of this type, but it conveniently resides in my everyday trading app. By staking BUSD or BNB in the Launchpool I am able to harvest small amounts of new coins as they are released. I was skeptical of this at first, wondering if these offerings would be of any value. I actually got into it quite by accident.

You see, my brother gave me some Polkadot (DOT), which I was quite excited to add to my collection. Even greater was my excitement when he told me AI could stake it for some hefty returns through Binance Earn. After some success with this I started staking all of my coins in various low yield, flexible, auto-staking vehicles. When I put some BNB into the "BNB Vault" it started paying my out in ATA, and I soon found it would add very small amounts of digital currency into my accounts if chosen correctly 


Through this method I have added Automata ATA and Klaytn KLAY (worst coin name in history IMHO) and plan to add more as time progresses.

  • If you consider the tiny amounts of IFARM and AMPL , the free BetFury money they give, plus a little bit of the still worthless Pi Network token I'm up to a whopping 16 cryptocurrencies.

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