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By Mezza | Mezza | 4 May 2021

Hi everyone, i hope you're all doing fine !

Today, new post about a new strategy i have found on Betfury in order to stack BFG, while keeping your capital as much as possible and thus passively earn cryptocurrency every day ! 

I'm saying this cause most of the strategies make you stack a lot of BFG, but burn your balance in a matter of minutes ! So i'll give you all the keys to get the most out of this strategy. You can optimize it according to your preferences of course.

For those who are not registered on Betfury, send me support by registering via my link to start applying my strategy:

But wait...why should i stack BFG ?


Well, because stacking BFG (Betfury's token) will allow you to get a certain amount of income from Betfury's pools. Thanks to stacking, you will be able to get a wide variety of cryptos for free every day and it is super interesting.

Of course, if you want to invest (as I did), you'll reach this goal faster since the more you play the games with your balance, the more you win and therefore the faster you'll stack BFG.

Of course, in most cases, if you don't manage your balance well, you will lose your entire capital. Nevertheless, you will have stacked a lot of BFG and therefore you will get passive gains which is really interesting since crypto is evolving every day! (Imagine stacking for example 0,006 BNB every day, and in 2 years, the BNB goes up to 3000$, you would be very happy)

So always keep this mentality in mind.

Here's an estimate of your winnings based on your number of BFGs:


100,000 BFG stacked will get you those wins, which is huge!
But this requires investment, time, and of course, a good management of your capital in addition to having a good strategy, which we will see now...

What's the strategy then ?


The strategy is based on the Dices game and the configuration looks like this with variable parameters :


Of course, you'll have to change the bet amount, the Stop on Profit, the Stop on Loss and the On Loss increase, depending on your capital.

But i have found a really good program to calculate them ! 

Here is the calculator :


To start the strategy, you need a good capital. To start with the smallest stake, you should have 600 000K BNB (I use BNB because it is the easiest to get with the boxes on the site).

So you can see that with the table, you can afford 14 losses in a row, which has a 0.00038% chance of happening according to the table here (the bottom screen of the table below) :


So, thanks to the chart, with a bet of 1 satoshi, and an increase on loss of 155%, you should put a Stop Loss at about 0.002 (the 14th Bet before reaching the critical threshold).

This allows you to limit the damage, to continue the strategy and to stack BFGs at the same time.

Of course, the more capital you have, the better, so don't hesitate to invest if you can (this is not financial advice, only allow yourself to lose what you can lose, don't put your house on it), the site is reliable and has been around for years!

Since the Dices are in auto, you have to leave your computer or phone on the page and let it do its job to cash in. If you close the tab, it will stop.

Take breaks sometimes or the algorithm will catch you and cause you to lose 14 times in a row even though this is very unlikely to happen!

And be reasonable on the Stop On Profit, priority to the gains!


A great strategy to stack well while keeping your capital to the maximum!

I hope you liked it, do not hesitate to go through my Betfury link to support me, because you will not find this method anywhere else on the Internet with such explanations!

My Betfury link :

Thank you very much, and wishing you future gains, I say to you next time for a new article!

See ya ! :)

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