Owning Every Crypto: Mini Update

By Codeinmy | Digital Mind Fortress | 12 Jun 2021

This is a mini update from the article Owning Every Crypto

I've had positive feedback so far regarding my desire (or call it an eccentricity) of collecting crypto like one would collect stamps. I'd say I have the same issue with stocks, restrained only by the $10 transaction fees.

I wanted to give an update and a few added tips on collecting crypto on a budget.

Obviously one great place to start collecting is on where readers and writers receive tiny bits of a few different tokens. As of writing they are giving ETH, AMPL (of which I know very little) and IFARM (which I learned about recently here). I anticipate the introduction of others as time goes on.

Another token worth collecting is BAT, the internet advertising "Basic Attention Token". Earning that is as easy as using the Brave browser, which is better than Chrome anyway. Early adopters earned quite aggressively I'm told. Now I'm earning less than 1 BAT per month, but happy to be collecting. As I said, no downside there.

Another new way I've discovered to collect new tokens is through Binance's "earn" screen. I staked some BNB and soon found myself to be getting 0.6% earnings in BNB and another 3.5% in something called Automata (ATA), a token which is slowly sinking after it's meteoric rise through the launch process recently.

So if I've got this right I'm now riding the following coins:

  • BTC
  • ETH
  • BNB
  • BUSD
  • DOT
  • CHZ
  • BAT
  • XMR
  • XRP
  • ATA
  • AMPL

That is 12 different crypto I've collected so far. Does that match my plan? Except for the ones I didn't plan on (at the bottom of my list) I'd say it follows my approach. I've got my eye on a couple others, which I'll keep secret until I've made the moves.

To anyone generous enough to help I'm accepting donations of strange crypto currency. Especially if it has any relation to David Mazières; Standford University, USA; or Federated Byzantines.

Cheers and hold strong 💎✋










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