Armorsmith: The Shield Repairer

By dexpartacus | dexpartacus | 20 Jun 2020

Hey Splinterlands buddies!

This card's been part of my collection since practically the beginning of my Splinterlands adventure! I've used it often in the past and I still use it now, because its "Repair" ability, which involves repairing the shield of your battle buddy who has suffered the most damage, is very useful, also requires only two mana to be used. From the first to the tenth level is the only skill he has, while varying speed, stamina and attack.

Schermata 20200617 alle 18.44.04.png


Until I upgraded my Life Summoner I used almost exclusively Dragon and Water, but lately I've been using a lot this Splinter, the good Armorsmith combined with some powerful cards that have the shield can be really a winning combination.

In my opinion her ideal place in the deck is at the third/fourth place, in the battle you will see in the video I lined her up at the second place, probably I made a mistake, too bad, because previously I had managed to do a good battle where her skill had helped me every single round, the perfect match ranking, swept away by the recording program that decided not to let me save the file, then I tried again but without having the same luck.

Schermata 20200617 alle 18.44.49.png



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