Non Fungible Tokens you should keep tabs open

Non Fungible Tokens(NFT) are new emerging tokens which started gaining popularity recently and they are used for art and content creating and also to prove ownership as the holder will have ownership rights. I came up with the top 4 fungible tokens on the coin market capitalization.

  • Enjin
  • Decentraland
  • Theta
  • Chiliz

Enjin is an NFT which which is  into gaming sector and it was launched in 2017. throughout 2017 to march  2021 it went as high as $0.61 from its lowest of $0.01562. So from March it managed to rise and set an all time high of $4 which is a huge move. Currently its trading at $1.61 and its trapped in a triangle but if it manages to break above we will see it testing $2 and from there the bullish train will be ready to hit the road.


It currently has 834,331,121.40 ENJ in circulation and a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000. its capitalization is still small but promising though, so if all goes well we will see it surpass its current capitalization of of $1,341,139,511.

Decentraland is a token which allows content creators to monetize their products. It was launched in 2017 but remained lower than $0.21 then in 2020 it was let out to the public but this year February it broke the resistance level at $0.23 and went as far as $1.63 which is its all time high. but currently its trading at $0.8602. Its capitalization is $1,356,903,277 and a maximum supply of 2,194,354,527 which is not that bad.

Theta is an NFT specifically meant for video streaming and it was launched in 2018 selling at around $0.24 and it has an all time low of $0.03977. Its limited supply of 1.00B THETA led to an increase in capitalization of $7,917,014,691 due to demand and the price followed suite and pushed harder till it set an all time high of $15.90 which was a marvelous upsurge but now its down trading at $7.9 per token.


When it fell it went as low as $4 but the support level at $6 was so strong and it was hold there and it is showing bullish sign. If it manages to break $8.45 then it will be going up again and maybe by the end of this year it will be trading above $18.

Chiliz is a NFT which is into sports and entertainment with a suply of 8,888,888,888 and up to now it has capitalization of $1,622,813,731 ever since it came on the market after it had reduced from its highest of $4 billion. Its a good token which is promising and its price is still affordable at $0.2798 per token.


Non Fungible Token are making headlines these days and artist are embracing them so this might be a good investment to look out for because they h



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