Trade ETF And Crypto With Trade Republic: Get ETH For Free

Today I want to present you an interesting app (Trade Republic) that allows you to buy stocks and ETF. This platform supports stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Allianz, Paypal, Alibaba, Coca Cola, Volkswagen, Visa, McDonald's, Walt Disney, Shopify, Bayer and many more.
There are also cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Stellar, Polygon, EOS, Bitcoin Cash, Chainlink, Algorand, Curve, Avalanche, Aave, YFI, etc
Through Trade Republic it is also possible to buy ETF (Exchange Traded Fund). What are ETF? These are passively managed investment funds (SICAV). As with all funds, buying an ETF is like buying multiple stocks. Investing in a fund is equivalent to putting your savings together with that of other investors, the fund manager will then buy the instruments on which you will invest with this money. The investment performance will be given by the result of all the individual instruments in which the fund invests. ETF try to replicate the performance of an index or the price of an asset class.
The FTSE Mib ETF, for example, will have the same daily result as this stock market index. A gold and silver ETF will track the price movements of these metals. To achieve this objective, the managers of an ETF purchase shares of the securities of the reference indices (benchmark) in quantities proportional to the available resources. In this way, the value of the investment will be exactly the same as that of the replicated index.
The performance will not depend on the manager's skill but on the performance of the chosen index. ETF are very simple and usually inexpensive tools. They are publicly traded instruments and ETF shares can be bought and sold at any time, just as if they were ordinary equities or bonds. On Trade Republic you can find tons of them: from Nasdaq-100 EUR (Acc) to New Energy EUR (Dist).



A very interesting feature is that with a deposit of at least € 20 (via credit card) you can receive an action with a random value from € 5 to € 200. For each invited friend or family member you get € 50 per invitation! This super advantageous promotion is for a limited time only. Thereafter the ref bonus for each invitation will become from € 5 to € 200 (usually you get € 10 or € 15 for each friend invited).

How to get the bonus?
1) Download the app via this link Trade Republic (Sign Up)
2) Run the KYC by uploading all the required data
3) If prompted, enter the invitation code after the KYC is approved s0hfd6mb
4) By credit card (SEPA or Google Pay), top up at least € 20 and buy a share (I bought Tuniu which cost € 0.73)
5) Enjoy your bonus of € 5 to € 200 (in Ethereum)

1) You can resell the stock in fiatcurrency
2) You can also resell the ETH bonus in fiatcurrency
3) By bank transfer you can withdraw deposit (€ 20) + bonus (at least € 5)
4) Invite your friends: every friend who deposits at least €20 and buys a stock, allows you to earn € 50 bonus


I am a big fan of cryptocurrencies but honestly I don't trade ETF and stocks. However the bonus were too good not to take advantage of them so I downloaded Trade Republic. I got €10 as a signup bonus and made some invitations. The crediting of the bonus is almost instantaneous (a few hours) and withdrawals by wire transfer are fast. I think there are more complete apps for stocks and ETF but not taking advantage of the bonus is crazy!


Are you interested in ways to earn crypto bonus? Check it out here: Some Sites To Earn Crypto Bonus (Old & New)

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