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Here Are The Most Important Things You Need To Know before You Start Investing In Stocks

16 May 2022 5 minute read 4 comments Cryptonator`s

Have you ever considered investing in something like stocks, ETFs, and derivates besides cryptocurrencies but you don't know how it works? Then this post is exactly for you. Here is all you need to know before you start investing in stocks and share...

Why I am Only Investing In Stocks With Trade Republic But Not In Cryptocurrencies

11 May 2022 3 minute read 8 comments Cryptonator`s

Trade Republic is one of the most popular brokers that allows you not only to invest in cryptocurrencies but also in stocks, ETFs, and derivatives. Personally, I only use Trade Republic to invest in stocks but not in cryptocurrencies like Ethereum o...

Trade ETF And Crypto With Trade Republic: Get ETH For Free

27 Apr 2022 2 minute read 0 comments ☑️Arͬcͨaͣ🅽🅶eͤl̜̝̖̼͔̞̃ͮ͑̐̉͌🅾➏➏➏

Today I want to present you an interesting app (Trade Republic) that allows you to buy stocks and ETF. This platform supports stocks such as Amazon, Apple, Tesla, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Allianz, Paypal, Alibaba, Coca Cola, Volkswagen, Visa, McDonald's, W...

Earn up To 200 Euros with Trade Republic! WIN-WIN Situation

8 Apr 2022 2 minute read 0 comments Muphasas

A few days ago, while reading my classic crypto-themed news channels, I came across the name 'Trade Republic'. I guess for many this is not a new name. Trade Republic is a German online broker based in Berlin. Stocks, derivatives and cryptocurrencies...