Is It A Good Opportunity To Join Sorare Football? Discount Cards?

Today I would like to go back to talking about Sorare (Signing Up). You surely know that I am a big fan of MLB but in this article I would like to have my say on what is happening in football. Is this a great opportunity to buy cards and enter Sorare Football? This is the question many are asking. If we look at the prices, the answer is absolutely affirmative. The arrival of the Premier League has brought down the prices of the entire Sorare market because users have catapulted themselves to buy those cards to participate in the English championship.
All Soccer cards have dropped in price enormously. Just know that a few months ago I sold goalkeeper cards for $55/60 and now these same cards can be bought for $7/8. The Bear Market has also come to Sorare football.
bbb4fbb9ed8a60b7daddabdaa117880257973958eb93beccdc553e041f642e92.pngThis is just one example. Actually if you are looking for a random player you will find that almost all the cards have lost from 40/50% to 90% of their value. This discourse can also be expanded on red (rare) cards. Rares have lower inflation because the supply is smaller, however even in this case you can see how the price is much lower than 4 months ago.

What causes this price collapse?
1) Definitely since the end of the major leagues: Premier League, Spanish Liga, French League, Bundesliga and Serie A (people sell cards and also rewards won)
2) The collapse may also be due to the partnership with the Premier League because many have sold cards from other leagues to participate in the top English tournament

What does this mean? Surely the prices will return to those of 7/8 months ago? This no one can say with certainty. We should have the crystal ball and predict the future. However, if you follow football and wanted to join Sorare, I think you will hardly find better opportunities in the future. Certainly with the start of the European tournaments (August 2023), prices will rise again but no one can know if the cards will do the 8x/9x/10x returning to the prices of 7/8 months ago. However this is a discussion similar to what is done with BTC. Would you rather buy BTC at $70,000 or $25,000? Definitely $25,000. The same is true for Sorare. There are no guarantees that the card prices will make new ATH however they are now highly discounted.



If you don't know how Sorare works, you should know that the scores depend on the players' performance in real life. In addition to tournaments where cards and ETH are won, there are also "threshold" ones. Basically by reaching a certain score you win ETH. It doesn't matter whether you finish in position 300 or 57, it is important to exceed a certain score and you automatically win ETH.
The investment opportunities that Sorare offers are:
1) Tournaments where only cards are won
2) Tournaments where cards+ETH are won
3) Threshold tournament where you receive ETH (and also cards if you get to a certain position)

9cbf45f13d7bd66b463222cbaf821c8e0d437db12367c825a984e42e4e6e1d73.jpg4) Simple card trading. There are users who win players in an auction and then resell them as the price goes up. Just speculation. Without participating in tournaments


I remind you that it is possible to buy cards on Sorare by depositing ETH from Metamask or using a credit card. On Sorare all withdrawals to Metamask are free. There are no transaction fees on Sorare because the Starkex layer2 is used: all operations (offers, trade proposals, bids) are free. If you decide to try Sorare, I remind you that you can receive a free card by winning 5 auctions within the first 30 days of registering.


This is not a Sorare sponsored article. I am simply registered and as I have shown in this article I am getting good results. This is not financial advice and even if you decide to invest a few dollars, you should always do your research first (DYOR).


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