Guide To DeBank: The Real Social Web3 (Stream)

If you are in the Crypto world and use DeFi you should absolutely connect to DeBank. This dapp is growing a lot. Also could do an airdrop. It could be the future of social networks because it directly uses your Metamask address. In this article we will see what the main functions are and why it is interesting.


As soon as you connect to DeBank you will see the balance of all your chains on that address. I am an "airdrop hunter" and I use DeFi a lot so it can happen that I forget small sums on some platforms. Through DeBank you will have an overview of the situation. Ok, not everyone might like having a public balance but keep in mind that if you give your address to someone, it will always be public and viewable by strangers. If you have to enter addresses on every explorer you waste a lot of time. Just paste the address on DeBank and you will see all the movements of that address on all chains (including NFT). User with greater balance on DeBank and ranking leader:



This section allows you to write whatever you want. It is possible to earn crypto by writing posts. When you withdraw from DeBank you can choose which crypto you want to receive (Usdt, Usdc, Matic) and on which chains. A user can interact with your post with retweets and trusts (that's a "like"). "Lucky Draw" are giveaways (legit), in which users give away cryptocurrencies (from $1 to $100), the draw is automatic after 24 hours. Being active and growing as a follower can be very interesting because many crypto protocols are moving to DeBank. Users with many followers and large balance can be requested for sponsorships. What your post generates is not paid directly to the author but also shared with the other DeBank users who have interacted with it and who generally bring "value" to the social network.



This function is very interesting because to send a message to an address you don't know you have to pay! Paying is not a problem for some, also because actively participating in DeBank allows you to earn. However, if the 2 profiles are "friends", sending messages is free. Otherwise a user can set his own price: $0.10, $1, $10, even $50. Imagine having a big balance and a big following...protocols would pay to write to you for any sponsorships or for you to try their dapps. I personally have received some paid messages, even though I'm about 800th on the leaderboard (out of over 30,000 people). Basically you get paid to read messages.



There's a lot of FOMO for these badges on DeBank. They allow (along with other parameters) to climb the leaderboard. Unfortunately, if you don't have the Web3 ID you won't be able to collect all the badges. What are the badges about? The team is always adding new ones. Some can only be minted from those addresses that have received some airdrops in the past (Uniswap, 1Inch, Optimism, Arbitrum, Connext, Ape Coin, ENS, Cyber, etc I would like to reiterate that if you have not received the airdrops mentioned, obviously you will not be able to mint those badges). Other badges can be minted by actively participating on DeBank (100 followers, 1000 followers, 100 Trust, 1000 Trust, TVL of your followers, etc), still others concern on-chain activities (having your address active for more than 100 and 1000 days, 1 ETH of gas spent, 10 ETH of gas spent), etc I have 14 badges but as soon as I win a giveaway (lucky draw), I will reach 1000 followers (now they are 666 followers) and will spend 1 ETH of gas fee on the Ethereum mainnet (now they are on 0.8 ETH) I will reach 17 badges. The first in the leaderboard has 18 badges. My web3 badges:


DeBank will most likely launch its token in the future by launching an airdrop. To receive more tokens, it is likely that you will need to be as far ahead as possible on the leaderboard. The precise mechanisms for climbing the ranking are not clear, however these parameters certainly have an impact:
-number of badges (today there are 27 in total)
-trust received on posts
-TVL of your followers


Ok it might seem like an almost dystopian social network, very futuristic. Almost rude (as wealth is shown off and a user's funds are seen), however as you will know on blockchain everything is public. Even if you don't use DeBank, if you provide an address to a friend of yours or in any case to a person, anyone can check your operations and how many funds you have. Obviously I have multiple addresses and also Ledger, I don't have everything based on one address. If you want to follow me (follow back), you can search for 0xDavide.


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