Get Slim (Solana) & Revuto (Cardano) Tokens for Free

In this article I have reported some of the most interesting projects of the Solana ecosystem: All The Best Projects Of The Solana Blockchain (Top Eight)
Today I would like to present an airdrop of a token called $Slim (Solanium).
The Solanium is a decentralized platform built on the Solana blockchain. The platform will introduce decentralized fundraising, time-weighted token staking and governance voting to the Solana ecosystem.


What do you need to participate in the airdrop?
Go here: Solanium (Airdrop)
1) If you do not have a non-custodial wallet to receive Solana and her tokens, create one in 5 seconds (the site allows you to create one quickly: it is called Sollet)
2) Save seed and password (to access Sollet wallet just enter the password but remember not to lose the seed!)
3) Click on "verify"
4) Connect your wallet to Telegram (just enter your mobile number and we will be contacted by the Solanium bot)
5) The airdrop should be guaranteed for everyone but by sharing on social media and bringing more people you will have a larger portion
6) The KYC is only for the presale (it is not necessary for the airdrop)


I am not a big fan of Cardano because the project has been active for many years (2015) and yet smart contracts seem to have arrived only in 2020. Furthermore, there are still no projects running on the Cardano blockchain.
Bnb, Solana, Cro and Polkadot are moving at a much higher speed.
However I never say no to an airdrop if it looks "legit". $Revu (Revuto) should be one of the first Dapps to run on Cardano.
They claim that they will allow you to check online subscriptions (Playstation Plus, Netflix, Spotify, etc).
The presale of the token will take place on May 18, 2021, however it is possible to receive 10 Revuto by registering on the site (the price of the token is not yet known).
1) Sign up here: Revuto: 10 Revu Free (Signing Up)
2) Insert email, name and surname
3) Get 10 Revu for free when you sign up
4) For each person you invite, take another 10 Revu



Leaving aside these airdrops, which one do you prefer the Cardano or Solana blockchain? As you will have understood, I clearly prefer Solana.
In addition to being more functional, it seems to me that they are much more active in terms of development and ideas.
Cardano has copied the Zilliqa sharding and for the moment there are no active projects yet. Will Revuto be among the first? We'll see!




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