All The Best Projects Of The Solana Blockchain (Top Eight)

Solana's blockchain aims for low fees (high speeds), decentralization and security going against the principle of V.Buterin (Trilemma) which he enunciated during the founding of Ethereum:

"If we aim for speed and scalability, I have to give up decentralization  (a few validator nodes in a small part of the network: for example the Binance Smart Chain)"

Solana tries to solve the Trilemma through the "Proof Of History" which exploits a principle of telecommunications: Time-division multiplexing (ie a multitude of users who use the same radio frequency). Solana translated this principle using:

1) Many validating nodes with a clock that allows the synchronization of the nodes (the transactions arrive at random nodes and finally are placed in chronological order, creating the chain of blocks)

2) This system guarantees very high speeds (50,000 / 80,000 transactions per second) while maintaining decentralization

3) Proof of stake with delegation: anyone can create a validator node (there are no minimum stakes but really performing hardware is required)

4) Solana not using the "sharding" (fragmentation of the blockchain in "shards") has greater security than Polkadot, Cardano, Zilliqa, Egld

5) Turbine Block Propagation (the block is broken up into many fragments and distributed to the various nodes)

What are the best projects?
1) Serum (decentralized dex with order book)
2) Bonfida (decentralized app connected to Serum that also allows you to implement bot linked to Trading View, liquidity pools managed by bot, etc)
3) Raydium (protocol with staking, liquidity pool where it is possible to do Yield Farming by providing liquidity on Serum; the novelty is the "fusion pools" with double farming rewards)
4) LunaDex (it is a fully decentralized exchange empowered by the high-speed, low-latency, low-cost layer 1 and integrated with Serum's efficient automated on-chain limit Order Book)
5) Soleon (a fully-featured decentralized derivatives exchange with trustless cross-chain trading)
6) Oxygen (DeFi Prime Brokerage: I can take my liquidity and from the same interface as Oxygen I can lend a part, use it as collateral, another stake it, etc)
7) Solstarter (used for token sales)
8) (app with a wallet that allows the deposit of crypto and their spending in points of sale; it is also possible to use Solana's decentralized apps to have an income)



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