Best Social Networks On Blockchain: New Trend

Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will change its name to Meta because according to him his project should be more like a "metaverse". Metaverses can be in:
1) Augmented reality (for example Pokemon Go where you interact with reality)
2) Virtual reality (which could be Sandbox, Decentraland, etc)

The purpose of this article is not to talk about Metaverses but about social networks incorporated in a blockchain.
1 month ago (6 October 2021) I told you about Torum (The New Social Platform "Torum": Get XTM For Free). When I wrote the article Torum had a market cap of $ 1 million ($ 0.06 value):


Torum made about an 18x upside today and is worth $ 1.13 (right now) but also made it to $ 1.40. I think that the potential of this social network is enormous because the market cap is around 18 million dollars. Now:


Do you know what the beautiful thing is? That on this social network it is very easy to earn XTM. Now the rewards are getting a bit lower as XTM is in a super bull run.


Here I talked about it in depth: The New Social Platform "Torum": Get XTM For Free
Although the rewards have now been lowered. Making a brief summary, how do you make money? How much do you earn?
1) You get 15 XTM when you sign up with a ref link (1 month ago it was 30 XTM!)): Torum (Sign Up)
2) The 15 XTM are unlocked. You must verify the account (email) and you must reach 100 Power Bar
3) How are 100 Power Bars made? There are 4 daily missions: create 1 post, create 1 thread, put 5 likes, log in
4) When you reach 100 Power Bar, you get 15 XTM and the next day you start earning XTM every day!!!
5) How do you earn XTM? The operations to do are the same: create 1 post a day, create 1 thread a day, log in, put 5 likes


There are also weekly, special and ref link missions. However, I remember that since the rewards change according to the price of the token they could decrease over time, depending on when you read the article or sign up.


If you notice it is possible to earn quite a lot of XTM per day. About $ 1.50 dollars with minimal effort. Clearly, the market cap is still very low now.
However you think what can happen, IF XTM reaches Deso's market cap (another token inherent in a social network):


What are the downsides? For the moment, the withdrawal can only be performed using the Ethereum network: the gas is very high. However XTM was also swapped to the Binance Smart Chain (PancakeSwap) and was listed on Kucoin!
When other withdrawal methods are also available, the cost of withdrawing should go down!


Attention! This article is not intended as financial advice (DYOR) but only wants to present the opportunity to earn XTM free by participating in the social network with the simple operations seen above!


Also of this social network, I made an article some time ago. You can find it here: Create Your Token With BitClout (And You Get $ 12 Bonus)

Unfortunately, the invitation bonus has been lowered to $ 3 (which can be immediately used on the platform or traded on When you sign up you become a token and people can buy it, causing it to increase in price. I talked about it in the article above.

However you can use the "sister" platform and get 25 $: DiamondApp (Sign Up)
This bonus is paid in Deso which you can sell on Everything you publish ends up on both BitClout and DiamondApp. I recommend you to use DiamondApp because you can get a 25 $ bonus (in Deso tokens).


What can you do with the bonus?
1) Sell it on
2) Invest in yourself (in your token) or in that of others (hoping it will increase in value). If you are a "creator" and believe that your token can increase in value, I recommend that you buy some of your token and then put something in other people's tokens as well (if their token increases, your holding grows because you invested in that token. You can then trade it in Deso and sell it on in BTC).

My token:




Are you interested in ways to earn crypto bonus? Check it out here: Some Sites To Earn Crypto Bonus (Old & New)

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