Create Your Token With BitClout (And You Get $ 12 Bonus)

Today I wanted to talk about an interesting social platform where every member is "tokenized".
Exactly, when you sign up you "become" a token with a value. How does it work? If people buy your token, it increases in value (and market cap).
What is BitClout? It's a social where people post content (a bit like NoiseCash and ReadCash). Each subscriber receives a $ 12 bonus. This $ 12 bonus can be used to interact with the platform (I can buy a token or I can donate it to users for content they like).
I am noticing that it takes very little time to raise a token. As in reality, if you buy a low-priced token (low market cap) you can make big gains in a short time. Then the key is always the holding (if you perceive the potential of the page in which you have invested your bonus). I remember that the platform is free and it takes $ 12 that we can increase over time!


1) Go here: BitClout
2) Save the Seed
3) KYC and get a $ 12 bonus
4) Play the tutorial (in the tutorial you will be "forced" to buy a certain amount of a famous page token but don't worry, you can SELL it when you finish the tutorial. I also recommend that you buy my token, DarkBitcoin, which has great growth potential 😂)
5) Start posting content



If you intend to use the platform, I recommend that you invest some of your free bonus in your token. Clearly at first it will be worth little, then if your content is appreciated, someone will buy it and it will increase in value.
If you don't intend to use the platform, you can choose your favorite content creator and buy his token (hoping it goes up in value). What do you sell in? When you sell a "creator token" it will be converted to BitClout (which you can sell on the or Ascendex exchanges).


I am going to use the platform as it may also be successful in the future. Today there are still few active users (about 3,000) so the whole ecosystem has great potential.
If you want to invest part of your bonus on my token, just search for:



I signed up yesterday so the value is still low. If some people buy, I hope it can get to the moon :)
Buy some of my token with your bonus...before it gets to the moon! (🅵🅾🅼🅾) I'm thinking about how to organize NFT Giveaways for those who will buy some of my token. Do your research (D҉Y҉O҉R҉) before investing in DarkBitcoin 😂
Stay tuned!




Are you interested in ways to earn crypto bonus? Check it out here (last UPDATE 18 September 2021): Some Sites To Earn Crypto Bonus (Old & New)

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