Digital art_2021. Winter Sunset
Winter Sunset

Digital art_2021. Winter Sunset

Hi friends!

I continue to learn a capabilities of programm Realistic Paint Studio.
In last tutorial I drew with sketch drawing tools as a pastel and color pencils.
Now I decided to try a watercolor tools in this programm.

ready artwork

I took a shot of my Livejournal friendin I was take as a reference

I started my work with lunch a programm and create new project (marked with red square)

New project

Then I choosed a kind of paintinsg - "Watercolor"


and choosed a sort of canvas

Select a canvas

So I can set a name of my artwork hier

Name of file

In license version the program has an advanced settings to create a new artwork
(top right button "Create custom")

Custom canvas

Here I can select a custom work size,

Window of create

canvas texture and background

choose a texture

So I started to work

Start of drawing

With green select top button I choose a sketching tools

Sketch tool set

If the palette interferes with drawing, you can remove it (to select button with palette view)

Hide a palette

Making a sketch


Then I started a watercolor painting.
Created new layer and choosed a basic brush

Select base brush

Painting the evening winter sky

Fill the Sky

Choosing a blending brush

Blender brush

So colorful sky I drew

The Sky

Earth is deep blue on foreground and more light as far away


For drawing the sun I choosed a brush with very thin and delicate stroke

Brush for Sun

Drawing the sun, some clouds near it and a light pole on new layer

The Sun on new layer

Then I created another new layer and choosed a brush for trees

Pin Brush

I decided to draw a spruce forest

Pin Trees

Using a sponge tool, I maked a back trees blurry a little

Sponge for blending

Pin tres on different planes

In this step I painted a details - the forest on middle distance

Far forest

and on foreground

Near pin trees

To save a intermediate step of artwork I select this button in top left angle

Saving between steps

Duplicated sky layer to make it more colorful

Sky double

Detalized a separate clouds

Clouds detalization

And finish way - I choosed a special tool "container with water" and addet to drawind some paint drips (as real in watercolor picture)


And changed an opasity of earth layer to 66%

Final picture

To save artwork as simple picture (without painting decoration) you can choose an option you want

Save a picture_1

I choosed this time an option with frame

Save a picture_2

Final artwork

Ready artwork

And two presentation for Instagram and etc.



Thanks for you visit and likes!

Have a nice and creative day!


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