Digital art_2020. Lotuses

Digital art_2020. Lotuses

Hi friends!

ready artwork

Last November I maded a gift for myself on birthday - new digital painting programm named Realistic Paint Studio.


It's wonderful soft!
The interface is made like a normal artist's desktop, on which there is a tablet with a canvas and tools.


All art materials are grouped by type - for example, for sketching pencils, markers, ballpoint pens, erasers...

Select a tool set

When you select a specific tool, a whole set with a rich palette of colors opens.

select a palette

Today I want to meet you with this programm and show how I drew my new art (main screen).

When I lunch a Realistic Paint Studio, I see open window with all projects.
You can create a new art (two variants, see icons with red square frames) or open previous.
There is also a folder with several lessons - for a better acquaintance with the capabilities of the program.

New project

So, I create a new project and see next window, when can choose a painting style.
I choose "Drawing".

Choose a art style

Then I need choose a kind of canvas

Choose a canvas

Here you can choose other color for canvas - with arrows at the bottom

Choose a canvas color

I choose usual white canvas

Artwork place

and slate pencil for sketches (marked with a red circle)

Chose a pencil

To open tool box you need select an icon on the top

Select a tool set

or touch a tool out the box set

Choose a tool set

So... I find a beautiful photo of lotuses I'll draw and making a sketch


Then I create a new layer to add color on drawing

Create a new layer

For painting I choose a set of soft pastel

Choose a pastel tool set

With two buttons you can choose another color set

Pastel palette option

Painting looking on colors in reference

Painting processe

So you can choose a color of tool with color palette circle (as in Photoshop or Corel Painter) in top right angle.

Ring of color

Or use Eyedropper (with ALT button on keyboard)

This is what the preliminary painting of flowers looks like.

Ready painting

Then I add two new layer below the flowers - for the leaves and base background.

Background and leaves

In this step I use a Shading set tools to make a leaves more blurring

Blending set

Background is ready

Ready background

So I choose a soft Pastel set again to continue drawing flowers
Then I blur the hard strokes with Shading set tools too.

Blending flowers

Note - at any time, if you need to leave drawing, you can save the project by clicking on this button in the upper left corner

Saving step

and so you can open the project in that step where you stopped last time

saving artwork

So, for make a details I choose a Color Pensil set

Choose a color pencils

And drawing with them on new top layer


The ready art

Ready artwork

And that's not all!
The program provides the ability to save a drawing, export it to .jpg or .png format...


or create a spectacular presentation (by clicking on top middle button)

Choose of presentation

...and keep your work that way


or that


Do you like this viwes of art?

So, I hope you'll like my tutorial and this programm.
If someone wants to buy it (or installa trial version), it's here

Have a nice and creative day!



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