Digital art_2021. Tree on the Winter Sunset

Digital art_2021. Tree on the Winter Sunset

Hi friends!

I continue to learn my new favorite graphic program Realistic Paint Studio
And today I told you how I drew a beautiful winter tree.

ready artwork

One time I found wonderful photo and decided make a painting copy of it

This time I chose imitation oil paints

Choose a art style

In start my work I chose a canvas (Custom as in last tutorial)

Choose a canvas

When I opened a window of custom canvas creation, we see the canvas opened by default.
This, in my opinion, is too extreme

Color of canvas

So I chose a custom size and changed DPI to 90

Custom size

So let's get to work

Start to work

I chose a brush for initial oil paint layer from a box of brushes - Flat  Brush

Choose a brush

Using the up and down buttons, you can select paint colors

Choose a palette

I started my work with sketch


Then it seemed to me that I chose the wrong color for the sky ... but don't worry!
In this program, even oil paint can be erased ... with the usual eraser from the sketch tool box.

Eraser box

Then I chose matching colors and painted the sky on new layer.
Sometime I used an another brush  - Big Flat Brush - to make a blur paints

Big Flat brush

Closer to the horizon I add sunset colors, outline the location of the setting sun


With the same two brushes on new layer I paint a far mountains and trees

Far trees

And a beautiful color snow on a foregroung (on new layer)


To add a texture of snow I chose this brush - Filbert Brush

Filbert Brush

Well, the background is almost ready - snowdrifts look quite realistic

Snowdrift texture

For painting a main tree (and one more on the left) I chose a brush maked subtle delicate strokes named Round Medium

Brush for main tree



The last step is left - snow on the branches.
I chose lighter and more saturated colors so that they don't blend in with the background colors.

Snow on brunches

I used four shades of color to contrast with the background.


A few small touches in different places ... and a picture is ready!

ready artwork

Of couse, presentation - one of three


Many thanks for your attention to my tutorials!

My last tutorials to drawing in Realistic Paint Studio you can watch hier, on this place:
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Have a nice and creative day to all!



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