Binance widget on Brave Browser

Binance widget on Brave Browser

By BenKenobi | CYPTOnews | 1 Apr 2020

A new feature will soon invest your Brave browser resulting from a partnership with Binance. Indeed, Brave Software has been testing for several months on the Beta version of Brave Browser a widget aimed at facilitating the exchange of cryptomoney.  

This widget will be available on your homepage not far from the Brave Reward feature. It will be integrated by default by April for all Brave Browser users. However, you will be able to manually disable it if you do not wish to use this feature.  

This widget will allow you to use the Binance functions directly from your browser and tasks such as depositing cryptomoney, buying or selling as well as real-time viewing of your balance and notification from your Binance account will be possible.  


Please note that Binance is the exchange site with the largest amount of cryptoskills and the lowest transaction fees on the market. You can also choose to pay the transaction fees in NBB (crypto developed by Binance), you can benefit from a 25% discount on your transaction fees. Very interesting for traders.  

Binance also allows you to convert your crypto dust. Indeed, after each transfer of your portfolio, there are very often very small amounts that cannot be transferred because the amount is too small. You can convert all of your dust in BNB and thus no longer lose your precious crypto.  

The director of Binance, Changpeng Zhao, spoke about the stakes of this partnership and the interest of this new functionality:

"The Binance widget on Brave's browser, which focuses on privacy protection, allows you to buy and sell crypto-currency products securely and reduces friction between users and the Binance ecosystem. We look forward to our long-term partnership with Brave to make interacting with crypto-currencies even easier and encourage greater utility in the near future"

Brave Foundation CEO Brendan Eich said :

"By introducing a leading exchange like Binance directly into the browser, Brave is taking the crypto-currency business to the next level and making it easy for users to conduct transactions."  

The widget has been successfully tested on the Brave browser in Beta version, a version allowing development and functionality testing. Beware of those who would like to try this version because often the features under test can be very unstable.  

Nevertheless, this new widget will be available to the general public on the official version by April 2020.  


And you? Do you use regulary Binance exchange? Have you a Binance account?


Crypto-trader, on your marks, ready ..

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