A rooter for mining Monero ? The new born in HTC Exodus range

By BenKenobi | CYPTOnews | 16 Sep 2020

A new rooter developed by HTC, using 5G technologie will be able to mine at home while providing internet access in place of your traditional modem.

A small return on the product range and their embedded technologies...


The Tawanese company HTC unveiled Exodus 1 in 2018, its first smartphone capable to mine Monero via the DeMiner application, an application developed in collaboration with Midas Lab, a manufacturer of ASICs.
This smartphone is equipped with a physical hardware portfolio thanks to a secure chip and a software overlayer called Zion. This chip, derived from military technology, is considered tamper-proof.


Exodus 1 and 1S : a smartphones range :

The Exodus 1 is available on different online platforms and you have the possibility to buy it with Fiat at the price of 759 euros, or directly with cryptocurrency (BTC, ETH, LTC...).


A wonderful Binance edition was released with the design of the exchange, and shortly afterwards followed by the Exodus 1S, a more compact and powerful model sold for around 219 euros.


See more: https://www.publish0x.com/cyptonews/monero-mining-smartphone-with-asic-integrated-update-xgexzw



Exodus 5G Hub , the logical continuation :

Today, the Tawanese firm is still making headlines and announces the upcoming arrival of a 5G Hub rooter within the Exodus range.


A 5G router that can replace your traditional modem.

It will integrate the Zion technology, and it's safe place for your favorite crypto wallet under high security but for the moment no leakage on the future features of this new product. And it will be able to herd a complete bitcoin node ... that's about all we know for the moment.

In the few photos presented by HTC, we can find a USB Type-C power port as well as a second power port, a RJ45 network port (Gigabit? Poe?), and a SIM card slot.

HTC has communicated very little about this new product and it is impossible at this time to know what the precise features of the product will be.

One thing is certain, it will be able to keep a complete copy of the Bitcoin network transactions and thus actively, and actively participate in the security environment of the blockchain.

With only 9500 nodes in service today, the total number of privately owned nodes may be explose in the coming years.


For which use ? :

Protonmail, an open-source email service create by the CERN in Geneva has been announced as a partner of the project. We will find protonmail alongside Brave Browser in the default applications of the Exodus range from HTC... This is good news to get out of the GAFAM's grip because these services actively fight for the preservation of your privacy and your personal data.

Here is a small device that it would be good to adopt each one at home to guarantee you a healthy internet access, contribute to the good functioning of the blockchain, and protect you from personal data leaks. Not to mention its tamper-proof hardware wallet that you can use as a safe with your own keys.

To be continued ...




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