Bitcoin Node and Mining Smartphone. [REVIEW]

Bitcoin Node and Mining Smartphone. [REVIEW]

By BenKenobi | CYPTOnews | 15 Apr 2020

Back on the little new one from HTC, the Exodus 1S is a new generation smartphone specially developed for the blochain. Many features are integrated, it can be used as a Bitcoin node, store your precious crypto on a cold wallet or even undermine Monero thanks to the DeMiner application.

The HTC Exodus 1S is the result of a partnership between mobile phone giant HTC and Midas Lab, a company that designs ASIC chips that are widely used in mining equipment such as the famous "AntMiner".
According to the Taiwanese company's press release, the HTC Exodus 1S will be equipped with a specific mining chip designed by MidasLab to allow users to directly mine XMRs.


HTC and Midal Labs see in these new smartphones a small revolution for the mining world and assert that in the near future they will be able to counter the large mining pools that are going against the principles of the blockain, i.e. decentralization.

Indeed, some pools are close to the only criticism of the 51% hashrate share and we all know what this danger represents for the mining world.
If a pool totals 51% or more on a network, it will be able to fool the verification of a new block and thus issue a double expense without anyone being able to do anything about it. A very real danger, many crypto-currencies have already suffered some kind of attack in the past. Bitcoin, Ethereum Classic, Bitcoin Gold ...

The CEO of HTC commented on this:

"The world of crypto is threatened by the domination of hashrate by giant mining pools. The most effective way to eliminate this problem is to make mining accessible to the masses via mobile phones. This application makes smartphone mining profitable, providing incentives for individual miners and helping to decentralize the network."


Let's go back to the features of the HTC Exodus 1s, the second "crypto-phone" of the range.

Zion Cold Wallet:

Its first very interesting feature is the Zion chip integrated in the smartphone, this chip serves as a digital safe for your private keys.
This cold wallet is completely independent from the other components of the smartphone, making it tamper-proof against software attacks. You can compare this chip to the Ledger or Trezor type wallet. It confers to its users a serenity and a confidentiality has any proof.


Bitcoin node:

HTC's Exodus 1s model will be able to run a complete Bitcoin node. As the internal storage capacity of the device is only 64GB, it is recommended to use a 400GB micro SD card in order to be able to place the complete node, i.e. 260GB, which inflates by about 60GB per year.
It is also recommended to use a stable wifi connection and to leave the smartphone connected for optimal use, but HTC says that it is possible to run the node entirely nomadically.


Mining fonctionnality:

The smartphone therefore integrates a chip specially developed by MidLab, specialist in ASIC chips that swarm in our Antminer mining machines.
Thanks to this hardware and software solution DeMiner provides the users of the Exodus 1S. Your smartphone will be able to mine Monero in all circumstances. In terms of mining power, DeMiner will achieve results equivalent to those of an average desktop computer while consuming much less energy. The application can mine approximately $0.0038 of Monero per day. While this is a very small amount of money, the technology opens new doors to decentralized mining and blockchain.


Imagine everyone being able to run the Bitcoin protocol and verify transactions, taking into account the growing number of smartphones in circulation around the world, that's a small revolution.

That's what this "crypto-phone" promises us. Some people see it as absurd given the low mining capacity and the technical limits of the components, battery. For others, it's a pioneering technological breakthrough that will be talked about for years to come.


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What future do you see in this technology? The question is fully open ...


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