Is Publish0x-Effect Real?

Is Publish0x-Effect Real?

By yourmitchy | CryptoTips | 2 Dec 2020

You know “the Coinbase Effect” right? It’s when a coin gets listed on Coinbase and the price immediately surges up. It doesn’t matter what coin gets listed, there’s no apparent trend, but when Coinbase supports a new coin, it goes up in a big way. 

There’s usually no other reason for the price rise, it’s simply due to getting listed on Coinbase, hence “the Coinbase Effect”. 

Now I’ve been thinking lately… are there any other Coinbase-like-effects? You know, something that when it happens, the price just surges up? 

There must be, right?

Well, while I was pondering on this thought, I started to realize something. 

I’ve been a writer on Publish0x (P0x) since June 2019 and have seen quite a lot of P0x's history. Looking back on its history, I realized that when P0x integrates a token for tipping, the price of that token tends to surge up.

This has literally happened with nearly every token P0x has integrated. 

So, to find out whether or not these token’s price increases could be attributed to their P0x integrations; I did in-depth research on P0x’s growth correlation and tried to align it with tokens that were integrated during that time. 

Through this research, I tried to establish if whether or not there was a “Publish0x-Effect” on these tokens. 

What did I find?

Let’s dive in:

P0x Beginnings: BNTY, HYDRO, DAI & BAT

Back in the days when I first signed up to P0x the only tokens integrated for tipping were Hydro (HYDRO) and Bounty0x (BNTY)

Then, shortly after I signed up, I saw MakerDAO’s stablecoin DAI and Basic Attention Token (BAT) get integrated into the platform. 

At the time when these four coins were integrated, P0x’s user base was pretty small. Therefore, I couldn’t really use them in my study of P0x’s growth correlation to token integration. 

However, fast forward to 2020, and Publish0x exploded in popularity gaining many new writers and readers. P0x’s explosive growth had a big impact on the following token integrations; Loopring (LRC), Atomic Wallet Coin (AWC), and now Ampleforth (AMPL).  

Upon analyzing the price of these newly integrated coins in correlation to their P0x integration and how many more articles about them were published, I can confidently say that the Publish0x-Effect is real. 

Now let me prove it to you.

With red arrows, I've marked the date of publish0x integration announcement. 

Loopring $LRC Integrated on 15th April 


Loopring $LRC price on the day it was integrated into P0x

On April 15, 2020, the Loopring $LRC token was integrated into Publish0x for tipping users of the platform. In the months following its integration, the price of $LRC skyrocketed – seeing gains of over 1000% and all of the authors receiving tips in $LRC benefitted immensely. 

But could $LRC’s rise in price really be attributed to its P0x integration? 

While P0x can’t be credited entirely for $LRC’s sudden rise in price, I’m pretty sure it had something to do with it. 

For instance, just look at how many articles on Loopring (LRC) have been produced since its integration in April. I think there are hundreds, maybe more. The amount of content written about Loopring (LRC) is very decent vs other more popular tokens such as Aave (LEND)

If you search the Loopring (LRC) tag page on P0x, you’ll notice that users really enjoyed the content as many of the articles have relatively high tips and many comments. 

Moreover, the $LRC integration lasted 222 days until the next coin integration in P0x, and still, people are continuing to publish articles and content about Loopring (LRC). 

Now, getting back to the price of $LRC; if you would have bought in on the day of the integration announcement when $LRC was priced at just $0.027, you would have only had to wait 149 days for it to reach a local ATH of $0.30, producing a massive gain of 1070%!

Atomic Wallet Recommendation on 1st May 


Atomic Wallet Coin $AWC price on the day it was recommended by P0x

On May 1, 2020, Publish0x recommended its users the Atomic Wallet to hold their crypto earned from Publish0x. The recommendation also came with an incentivization where users who downloaded the Atomic Wallet by clicking the P0x link would receive 15 AWC. 

Since P0x made the Atomic Wallet recommendation, there has been a wealth of content produced about it and writers continue to create recommendations and write about the wallet to this day. 

Moreover, if you look at the Atomic Wallet Coin $AWC price chart above, you’ll see that shortly after P0x’s recommendation, the price of $AWC surged up and made a new ATH just ~3 months later. 

If you would have bought in on the day of the recommendation when $AWC was priced at just $0.147, you would have only had to wait 86 days for it to reach an ATH of $1.90, producing an enormous gain of 1192%!

Ampleforth $AMPL Integrated on 24th November


Ampleforth $AMPL price on the day it was integrated into P0x

On November 24, 2020, the Ampleforth $AMPL token was integrated into Publish0x for tipping users of the platform. The integration came at a time when Publish0x was exploding with DeFi-related content and it replaced Loopring $LRC as the tipping token.

Just like P0x’s previously supported tokens, Ampleforth blew up in popularity with loads of positive content published about Ampleforth and its native $AMPL token. The Ampleforth content has received many views and tips from P0x users and is once again, very popular. 

Now, if you look at the Ampleforth (AMPL) price chart above, you’ll see that shortly after its P0x integration, the price of $AMPL surged up and is continuing to make steady price gains in the days that follow. 

If you would have bought in on the day of the integration when $AMP was priced at just $1.18, you would have already made a 25% gain on your investment and at the time of writing (December 2, 2020).

That said, it appears that the Publish0x-Effect is holding true once again. 

Is Publish0x-Effect a Thing?

Based on the token integrations/recommendations above, there is a strong correlation between Publish0x supporting/integrating an asset and the strong upwards price surge that follows thereafter.

That said, I am convinced that yes, since 2020 the Publish0x-Effect has in-fact become a thing. 

Probably no-one else has analyzed this yet or has at least made it public, but from what I can gather, Publish0x supported/integrated/recommended tokens are ones to pay attention to.

Take note, however, that I am not naive in understanding that the Publish0x-Effect seems to be present when the bulls are steering the market, but still it's something to keep on your radar. The P0x-Effect has proven to be true through 2020 and I expect this trend to continue.

I mean, if you just look at the Publish0x stats, its user growth is in a strong steady uptrend with a total of 189,360 registered users, 98,422 published articles across 12,163 blogs, and 8,822,447 tips given, worth $213,468.76.


Publish0x user growth

With this immense and continued growth in users, Publish0x token integrations give projects exposure to over 180k users who spread P0x content across Twitter and social media like a virus, and it's pretty much obvious that it will have an impact on a project's economy whether you like it or not.

Also, take note that smaller market-cap tokens that get integrated into Publish0x will more than likely produce higher returns on investment if we buy-in on the announcement date. The Atomic Wallet recommendation and its explosive price surge for $AWC was a clear example of that.

That said, be sure to keep your eye on future Publish0x integrations or recommendations because in my opinion, “the Publish0x-Effect” is real.


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