Why Publish0x is Powered by Bounty0x (BNTY)

UPDATE: BNTY was the first token used on Publish0x, as we saw synergy between our projects. BNTY is not used as a tipping token on Publish0x for many years... instead, we feature other exciting projects and use their tokens for tipping. Thus, this post is well out of date, and is only of archival value.

Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash (and Ethereum, and Bitcoin and whatever) is good stuff, but it is a broad remit. Bounty0x has a laser focus on bounties and incentives and feels like a good fit for Paper Drips - here's their mission statement:

Our mission is to enable the global gig economy, creating a world where the unbanked have a bridge to earn cryptocurrency without purchasing it - via decentralized governance and participation.. all powered by the Bounty0x protocol and BNTY token.

We've been speaking and working with the team directly on integrations and tipping is only the start. They are really focused on "powering the global gig economy" and with our background in giving away bitcoin and digital currencies we really dig their mission... actually honestly, they are aiming bigger than we could imagine when we started out

So with this partnership, we - and YOU become part of the Bounty0x family.


However we are crypto agnostic here, Bounty0x won't be the ONLY coin on PaperDrips, we are genuinely followers and passionate about a lot of different projects in the blockchain space and it's good to get a diversified portfolio and interests, there is a lot of good stuff going on, so here's a look at a mini roadmap regards further token additions:

  • Pre-Beta (now): Only BNTY token, it powers all tipping, and we pay the tips. This is just a testing with a few private bloggers, not wanting to share the articles and attract real readers yet.
  • Beta: No changes to tokens, still just BNTY but we now start some marketing and attracting readers and pull some traffic through the platform and "allow" people to share their articles on social media etc.
  • Version 1.0: Adding  ERC20 token support. First we will be adding support for 5-10 further tokens, all erc20s, and we will be hopefully integrating these via another partnership with a big player in the cryptocurrency space. At this stage readers can choose any token to tip in, but BNTY will still be the default tipping coin, and there will be some bonuses introduced for choosing it :D
  • Version 2.0: Advanced token features: Such as being able to depost and pay a BIG tip to a blogger. Token utility within the platform for example buying a "feature my article for 1 day on the homepage" spot, and some really exciting further utility for BNTY token to get access to some of the advanced features without paying.. seriously, some of this is really cool, but we are still planning so it's a little premature yet ;)

But for more info on this as well as other elements see our full roadmap here.

Now if you’re not familiar with Bounty0x here's a little more intro on why we choose to integrate and be powered by BNTY and why you *possibly might want to hold onto it.

What is Bounty0x


Bounty0x is a “bounty hunter” platform. You can join, and earn BNTY and other Ethereum tokens for writing articles, creating videos, writing reviews, tweeting, joining telegram groups, and much more.

They have become known as the platform that crypto bounty hunters use to earn bounties and airdrops for new cryptocurrencies/blockchains going through their launch. This is an understatement.. They are THE bounty platform ICOs turn to to help build their communities and get exposure for their ICO. To date they have processed over $2million in bounties to over 45,000 bounty hunters.

The token utilised on the Bounty0x platform is BNTY , an Ethereum ERC20 token, so yes, it is easy to sell for ethereum or bitcoin if you want to... but here’s

Why You Might Want to Hold Onto Your BNTY Tokens.

More utility for th BNTY tokens coming soon.

Right now in the Bounty0x platform you can earn various tokens from each ICO, and this is important, but coming soon will be bigger bonuses/discounts for placing bounties in the BNTY token, higher earning rates for earning in BNTY etc.

The first stage of this is a decentralised governance and management of the Bounty0x platform. So not only can you earn for completing bounties, you can earn for being a “Sheriff” and policing and verifying gigs and the work of bounty hunters to keep the platform running smoothly.

The more utility of the BNTY token either inside the Bounty0x platform or within additional upcoming dapps (i.e. US! :)) then technically it should create more awareness and demand for the token.

Bounty0x Protocol Developments

The core Bounty0x team have released the Bounty0x platform, but this is just the start, this is essentially the 1st dapp, and we are technically the 2nd dapp, using the first simple instance of the Bounty0x protocol to hook up to the core platform and let you cashout weekly in BNTY tokens.

Coming soon this api and toolset to allow any app, dapp or website to payout their users in BNTY tokens will be available, and then following a suite of tools to enable other 3rd parties to use bounties and to create utility for the BNTY tokens within their platform (think “locking up” some BNTY tokens for monthly access to premium features rather than a paid subscription

90% down in price from it’s all time high, it *may be at the bottom now?


I don't really want to comment more on this as we can’t give trading advice and any “investment” must be seen as speculation not investment and be considered risky

Get Involved

Be part of the core Bounty0x platform and earn even more crypto by completing bounties. Did we mention that they have

Don’t stop there, this is what you make of it, get more involved in the community, promote and be an evangelist for Bounty0x and BNTY. Tell others why you’re holding it, what your earnings are, the work you have done to earn it - write blog posts, make youtube videos - it’s a chance to get in on a grass roots opportunity here with decentralised govnerment and management - anyone, including YOU Chris (lol, all Chris’s reading this feel super special right now). Bounty0x can only be as big as the community behind it.

Further Reading and Bounty0x in the Media.

Further Reading / Links:

Main Bounty0x Website: http://www.bounty0x.io

Bounty0x on Coindesk - https://www.coindesk.com/crypto-bounty-hunting-is-offering-a-way-out-of-poverty/

Wired: https://www.wired.com/story/the-hustlers-fueling-cryptocurrencys-marketing-machine/

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