BAT Token Integrated For Tipping on Publish0x

BAT Token Integrated For Tipping on Publish0x

BAT is now integrated for tipping on Publish0x, yes, BAT the advertising focused utility token created for the Brave Browser (which blocks ads by default, or lets you earn your share of ads revenue). Now you can earn BAT while you create content and read on Publish0x!

  • Update: 25th November: Since we integrated BAT for tipping in August it is now our primary tipping token (you have a 70% chance of getting your tip in BAT), and we have given out almost 40,000 BAT tokens, worth approximately $7500+.
  • Important: This is NOT an official partnership with Brave / BAT . We are doing this as evangelists, BAT/Brave are not officially sponsoring us, however we are working with Brave in November as a "Barter Exchange Partner" where because we have generated a lot of visibility for Brave/BAT we are receiving a "barter" back for some free advertising exposure within the Brave Browser.



PS. If you're wondering how to earn BAT for publishing and reading, check out this article.

We have added BAT as we think it is a really exciting project, with some fantastic usage already. 

BAT is the utility token attached to the Brave Browser project. Let's take one step back - the Brave Browser is a fork of the Chromium web browser, with speed and privacy improvements, and adblocking by DEFAULT. However, users can OPT IN to choose to see advertisements, and they will earn 70% of the revenue for doing so. Hence - Basic Attention Token, rewards the user by paying for their attention, and it all runs on BAT; Advertisers pay in BAT and publishers and browser users receive BAT.

Brave and BAT are out of the planning stages and making progress on all sides - growing numbers of advertisers, growing browser downloads, and increasing numbers of websites verifying themselves as publishers too.

With over 90M monthly active users on the Brave Browser, and sitting at the top of the google play store for Browsers, there are also 331,000 publishers signed up to receive tips and donations in BAT including some very high profile websites including The Guardian, The Washington Post, Vimeo, CoinMarketCap and Trading View, and of course us here at Publish0x!


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During the next month we will also have some great new content around BAT and Brave showing what is new, what is coming up, how it works, how to get involved and how to earn BAT by viewing ads with the Brave Browser, - including BAT''s involvement in Giving Tuesday - the drive to enable tipping to charities online and in crypto.

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