How to Earn High Profits by Bounty Hunting?

By nejibens | Cryptotalking | 23 Aug 2019

Nowadays, earning some profit by bounty hunting is not an easy mission, because there are so many scams among the ICO/IEO projects, and you are risking to waste your valuable time and effort to get worthless tokens, or to get scammed after long weeks (or even months) of working hardly. However, you have always the opportunity to make high profits from bounty hunting if you follow some steps, and in this post, I am going to explain these steps with details.

1. Choose a good project:

This is the most important step, and you have to spend some time to bypass it, most newbies with bounty hunting don't take their time to choose the right project (which have potential), and finally either they get scammed (not receiving the payment) or getting worthless tokens. I posted a few days ago about this step with details, and you can read my previous article here.


2. Select the most paying bounties:

You have to spend your time and effort for a valuable reward, not for pennies. So I advise that you participate only in the most paying bounty campaigns. That depends on the bounty pool, and the percentage allocated for each campaign. But according to my experience with bounty hunting, the most profitable campaigns are the translation campaigns, the signature campaigns (in Bitcointalk), and the content creation campaigns. These are usually the most paying campaigns, so consider to participate in one of them at least for each project you are going to join its bounty. You will need to have a Bitcointalk account, because this forum is the biggest platform for crypto community in general, and especially for bounty hunting. If you have already a good portfolio of translation, that's amazing, you can start right now offering your services to bounty managers (after passing the first step of course). The translation bounty is the most profitable campaign, and many people earned thousands of dollars by participating in this campaign.

Avoid participating in the social media bounties (unless you have really big accounts on Facebook, Twitter, Reddit..), they are usually the worst campaigns (low payment, tiring work weekly..).

3. Follow the rules strictly:

Each bounty campaign has it's general and specified rules. You have to read carefully these rules and follow them strictly, to be eligible for the payment. Nowadays, so many bounties are asking for KYC for example, if you don't like this rule avoid participating in this bounty. Generally, the rules are simple and easy to follow ( joining Telegram, posting X number of tweets or posts weekly..) but failing to do this step properly can lead to being not eligible for the payment at the end of the campaign.

4. Be patient:

Bounty hunting requires patience, usually, you are working weekly (for social media campaigns for example) or you are asked to make an effort and wait until the campaign ends. It takes several months sometimes until you receive the payment, but if you followed the steps above, it is worth your patience, since you are going to receive a valuable reward.


I hope that my article helps you to work smartly with bounty hunting. If you enjoyed my article, you are welcomed to follow me.

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