I am involved in the crypto world for around 5 years, and I have good knowledge of cryptocurrencies. Briefly, I can easily distingue the most promising ICO projects, which have good potential.

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Getting The Job Done is Simple with MYCRO JOBS!

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Mycro Jobs is considered nowadays as one of the most promising startup projects, that have great potential to succeed. The project's concept is genuine and their product ( The Mycro application) is expected to be largely needed in the future.   1. M...

MITOSHI: The Next Generation of Online Gaming and Crypto-Lotteries!

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The industry of online gaming and crypto-lotteries is going forward day per day almost. We noticed recently a new and promising project called Mitoshi, and we think it have the potential to reach success, since it has so many attractive features.  1....

Dexa Coin: a Revolutionary App Simplifying the Global Money Transfer!

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Let's talk today about Dexa Coin, a new promising project which has the potential to reach a high level of success, since it is presenting some needed and useful services.  Basically, Dexa Coin's aim is simplifying the method used by people around th...

BeeHive (TronHive): New Popular Game Using TRON Network

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BeeHive is a new game running in the Tron's network, and it becomes really popular nowadays with more than 850 players since its launch (July 2019). To play this game you just have to install a simple extension Tronlink in your Chrome browser, which...

ZoomEX: New and Great Coming Exchange! SoftCap already reached!

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The first IEO's round of ZoomEX exchange is already over ( SoftCap reached in 4 days), and the actual IEO round is running on Fexpro exchange. So today we are introducing this project which have great potential.    1.ZoomEX features:   ZoomEX is basi...

PointPay Ecosystem: crypto bank, crypto exchange and multi-currency wallet!

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PointPay project is currently considered one of the most promising ICO projects, since its concept is really attractive and powerful. Basically, PointPay combines three needed services in its ecosystem: a crypto bank, a crypto exchange platform and a...

How to choose the most profitable bounty campaigns?

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I am working with bounty hunting since a few years ago, That's why I feel that I have some experience about this field, and I am sharing in this post my advice with everyone. Nowadays, finding a legitimate and profitable bounty isn't an easy mission....